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  1. No, I heard it also, right after watching "The Heiress". I think TCM is trying to be "hip", but it didn't sound too respectful or accurate.
  2. tcmprogrammer: Thanks for the update. I so miss my schedule, and I am glad to know that you are working on it. Sounds like a simple thing, having an up-to-date schedule on hand. Who would have realized it was so valuable. Thanks again. it is much appreciated.
  3. Tcmprogrammers: How about an update? We're still out here, waiting for our time zone change-ability. It's now Jan. 18 eastern time. Any hope for us? Should we keep silently waiting? What's up? What's the good word? Are you listening? Please respond!!!! PLEASE communicate with us TCM fans out here. Thanks from the West Coast.
  4. Thanks, tcmweb1 and tcmprogrammer, for your responses. We only start to think it's malicious when we hear nothing. Keep us posted. Remember for everyone who "complains", there are many more who you don't hear from but are feeling just as frustrated. Sounds like we all love TCM and what you provide. We just want to be able to access it a lot easier. KEEP IN TOUCH!!
  5. I registered just so I could share my pain. Just wondering why we have not heard from tcmprogrammer in several days. Last word was that all this should be fixed after the new year. Please give us out here the courtesy of an update. What is going on? Have you made any progress? TCM is also my favorite. However, without my handy-dandy, time zone accurate, printed out schedule, I have missed lots in the last week. Maybe it doesn't make a difference to you, maybe you could care less. From what I have been reading, there are many of us out here. I can't tell you how many people I
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