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  1. 1. Bringing up Baby 2. Topper 3. Philadelphia Story 4. Some Like It Hot 5. Arsenic and Old Lace 6. Harvey 7. Bell Book and Candle 8. I Married A Witch 9 .Genevieve 10,Gentle men Perfer Blonds
  2. Anyone know if they will realease my favorite Bette Davis film of all time? I really want the film The Sisters to come out on DVD. I had it on VHS but cannot play it anymore.
  3. Fellowship of the Ring The Two Towers Return of the King Empire Strikes Back best one out of all six in the series 2001 A Space Odyssey
  4. Thanks that is it. I saw it about a year ago and just loved it. He was great in comedy.
  5. I just hope that they do another set of his films. My list would be Adventures of Robin Hood Charge of the Light Brigade The Sisters Another Dawn The Dawn Patrol The Sun Also Rises Against all Flags What do you think of my choices for his movies on DVD? He also did a comedy **** he solved a murder but I cannot remember the name of the Movie. It was funny but not one of his best.
  6. Proud of you Jar five. Props that I bring are a flashlight,newspaper,Hot dogs, Rice, water pistol, raincoat, You wear a paper news paper hat during There is a LIght. Wear a raincoat, flash a flashlight. Wave it around and have fun. You throw rice during the wedding, some theaters have coniffitti. When they say Your a Hot Dog, toss a dog lol. I think you get the picture, sorry(no pun intented.) If you dress in Character you only do what your character does, I usually dress as the house keeper and it get really hard to find fish net stockings. I am so happy that you experienc
  7. Yep, got my A and a addition for going to midnight showings of Rocky Horror. We had to write a paper on the experience of going. and the only thing I could equate it to was going to mass. That is the only time people all stand,kneel,sit and say the sane thing at the same time. He loved it and begged me to keep the paper I wrote. Marty was a very interesting instructor and a good judge of movies.
  8. To Stoneybrooke I also love,love, love it. I got into RHPS in college. I had surgery and missed about two weeks of classes. So he told me I could not get a A which was my average in Abnormal Psychology. I talked him into letting me take his make up activity which would earn me my A. He tells the group of us to meet him at the college at 11p.m. Take with us a disposable raincoat,ligther,hot dogs, mustard and so on and so on. He has us waiting and waiting at the collage. No he was a man who always wore a three piece suit,tie etc. He comes prancing across the parking
  9. Hey John If you hate,hate,hate Rocky Horror Picture Show, you should never see Shock Treatment. Richard O'Brian made a sequal to RHPS. It is really bad though I enjoyed the song he sings Little Black Dress. It is a dismal thing with Janet and Brad going on a game show, they win Brad a stay in O'Brians Mental Health Clinic. Brad's long lost twin Brother has his design on Janet. If you are ever tempted to see it Run Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I forgot to mention that I dress as my favorite character Magenta. Personally I think she is the coolest person in the whole musical. For the Clueless, she is the House Keeper of the castle.
  11. Yes and still do. I have a regular group of friends who go on special showings like Halloween the big night of the year. Also on anniverseries of it being showed on the stars birthdays and stuff. The only showing I could not stand was the Broadway Play. They would not let you throw rice,or even do anything. It sucked big time and of course it bombed. In the nature of RHPS. Don't dream it,Be it.
  12. Shock Treatment. It was the sequel to Rocky Horror Picture show. Where RHPS had a rare streak of genius. The Sequal was nothing near the original. The plot if you could call it that had Brad winning a Mental Health Stay at a weird mental clinic. The Doctor/Obrian tries to suduce Janet. The music was interesting but the film is so so. But definitly the worst musical of all time.
  13. 1. Rocky Horror Picture Show 2. Attack of the Killer Tomatos 3. Pricilla Queen of the Desert 4. Hairspray 5. Shock Treatment (Sequal to Rocky Horror Picture Show) 6. The Fearless Vampire Killers
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