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  1. The writer begins the article, "And for a gay teenager in the 80's, it was perfect". That puts it in context.
  2. It seems to me they put films where stars have a minor supporting role, or even a cameo of sorts, on late/early, anyway during any time they feature a partial, if not a full, day of their films. I also do not think what studio a star worked for at the time is actually relevant here. "Small Town Girl" could have been the last Sakall film of his day or the first Miller film of her day. Since both were supporting characters with about equal screen time (factoring in Miller's dance scenes), I do not think it matters if it airs late night or early morning. Of course, the major hits and starrin
  3. Would it not have been a cool idea to have a day of S.Z. "Cuddles" Sakall films transition to Ann Miller's day by airing "Small Town Girl" after "The Student Prince"? I know the latter film was Sakkall's last, but the former film was his second to last, so I do not think it would have made any difference. Instead you made "Small Town Girl" the Last Ann Miller film of her day and she is barely in it. There have been times over the years I have watched TCM where I noticed this before - having one star's day of films that could be handed off to the next star's day by putting a film
  4. Did the search - Thank you! The last two are noted, but I see no apparent air dates. The first four are noted to still be available on Watch TCM, but I did see them when they did air. There is also an article for the last film being on DVD. I wonder if they have these in their library or needed to get the rights to air them and will have to do so again. It is the first time I can remember ever seeing them on TCM. Though not a big deal, it is disappointing.
  5. I believe TCM Imports was to air all six of the Lone Wolf and Cub movies late Sunday nights, but last week they were pre-empted by the film festival programming and I see that this week they have another film on, which still comes from Japan. Have they rescheduled the lone Wolf films? Will they, if not? They kind of killed the momentum of the story, such as it was, and the cool idea of doing these two at a time for the month for this series.
  6. Edward Gargan - 24 hours of the best films they have where he played a patrol officer in. If not enough to fill the time, or wanting to divide the time, then move on to the best films he has played a detective in. Every time I see him, I think of this idea.
  7. A clarification to my first post: The Sports & Entertainment package actually has, for my service, 18 networks. 2 are available with Digital Starter, but there are standard and high-definition channels for each. 8 are available with Digital Preferred with each in standard or HD. There are only 8 unique networks you can only get with this package - 4 are standard only and 4 in both standard and HD. For an extra $10 a month, you could say you are paying approximately $1.25 for each unique network in that package. It's about $1.11 with TCM factored in. In a way, you are being double-bi
  8. My Comcast moved this to a Sports & Entertainment package that would cost $10 more than the high-tiered Digital Preferred package. The S&E package includes 34 channels. 20 of these channels can already be had with Digital Starter and/or Digital Preferred leaving only 14 unique channels to the S&E package. There really is only one entertainment channel that is Country Music Television (CMT). There are two reality channels - Military History and Crime and Investigation. The rest are sports including NFL Redzone. I could never understand why they moved CMT to this some long time
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