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  1. *IKIRU* is my favorite Kurosawa film next to *SEVEN SAMURAI*
  2. Betty Hutton's in-character voices were indeed annoying, and IMO so are the voice(s) of the following (i.e. just on voices, and not necessarily relating to their thespian talent): - Albert Brooks - Al Pacino from the mid-1980's forward - Joe Pesci - Madeleine Sherwood (CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF) - Leslie Caron - Ann Miller
  3. Here're some of mine: - Edmond O'Brien in WHITE HEAT - Chow Yun-Fat in CITY ON FIRE - Johnny Depp in DONNIE BRASCO - Tony Leung in INFERNAL AFFAIRS - Robert Redford in BRUBAKER and in a way, due to other circumstances... - Dustin Hoffman in LITTLE BIG MAN, and TOOTSIE - Tony Curtis & Jack Lemmon in SOME LIKE IT HOT
  4. I agree with all of you, but at the same time I tend to think that a re-release of Auntie Mame will less likely bring in audience who are not already fond of classic films. If a remake was created, it will give chance for critics to compare the two, and more than likely it will shine a new light on the original... that way, not just already-fans of Auntie Mame will get a chance to take notice.
  5. thanks Aftermath, for bringing the topic back from a spinoff discussion that gives me chills just thinking of those scenes from the likes of Deliverance, and Pulp Fiction, etc... those are scenes that're definitely memorable, but yet not exactly can bring back anything I could define as "fond" memories.. now what if they used a Rashomon-type device to make a film about what happened to Fatty Arbuckle?
  6. and don't forget the levitating sofas... now if I only had a big enough living room and deep enough clearance under the floorboards. Auntie Mame needs to be remade! If for no other reason, just so we can slam it endlessly by pointing out how it doesn't live up to the original.
  7. jdbl, we keep running into each other... I think Osment could play young Patrick Dennis, but I don't know how audience will respond as he's better known for much more somber roles. Bonnie Hunt is an odd choice for Auntie Mame, but I just get this feeling she could handle the role (maybe I should turn down the helium),,,, on ITO, I would think that if the film was to be remade, it would not be done like the original, which was more a stage-production on celluloid. There're too many elements in the story that are relevant and not outdated even today, so it'd probably be more of an "inspired-by" remake. If you allow my imagination to digress further along this line of thinking, some of the characters in the story would end up being tweaked -- ITO, in this hypothetical film, would not need to be Asian as in the original. His character, on the other hand, would probably be a little less camp. B.D. Wong would do a great job with this, and so would a Stanley Tucci... picket signs and demonstrations will be seen outside the theatre when they premiere the film in New York with crowds screaming "blashphemy!"... Warner Bros will launch a campaign for Auntie Mame's DVD, along with a tribute showcase on TCM featuring the original Auntie Mame as the flagship to a marathon of films about "my mom away from mom"... the book will get a new print, and some chi chi coffee chain will add an Auntie Mame special to their breakfast menu -- Black Coffee with a side-car and a cold-towel. gosh, I have to turn down the helium....
  8. > By the way, maufrais, how come this is in "Science > Fiction?" Yikes, is there a way to move this back to "general discussions"? on Glenn Ford, I agree completely with you that it was one of his best roles and he gave a great performance playing Fisby. I read on IMDB that Louis Calhern was cast originally as Purdy, but passed away during production. He would have been a more subdued Purdy, in my opinion. I keep thinking Forrest Tucker would have also done well with this role. Machiko Kyo evidently is still acting in Japan. She's in her 80's, but looks much younger in the pictures I've seen.
  9. As un-PC as this film can be judged as today, I think Brando did an admirable job in spite of the fact the casting to this role remains controversial. Having watched this film again recently, which allowed me to get a stronger feel to "whom" the story was really trying to poke fun at, I get the feeling that the film could have only been made THEN with someone as sought-after as a Brando. That said, if you were the studio exec to this project, who would YOU have chosen to play Sakini? On the late great underrated Glenn Ford, this was definitely one of his most challenging roles, and he certainly proved his thespian-ship playing Fisby. Watching his performance in this film, I kept thinking that Glenn Ford could have played many of the roles that made James Stewart one of Hollywood's biggest legends to date. Your thoughts?
  10. Maybe her character combines the qualities of a Mildred Pierce and Vicki Lester, with touches of attitudes that remind of Mae West & Bette Davis? But that'd just be an uneducated conjecture on my part. I just like it because, and adding to all the good things everyone has posted already, it's a damn funny film... and probably one of the best stage-to-film translations I have ever seen. As JackBurley pointed out in an earlier post, most fans of AUNTIE FAME would not agree it is necessary or even possible to remake the film that can live up to the original. IMO, trying never hurts, and in most cases of remakes that fall below-par by comparison, it only helps to bring a new light to the original (as Pintorini suggests)so more people can enjoy what they may not even know existed otherwise. I was also thinking Haley Joel Osment for Patrick Dennis... but he is probably too much a teenager to fit the age of the character. What about Logan Lerman from tv's JACK & BOBBY? Unless you think he's too much like a teenage Damien Thorn? btw, why not Swoozie Kurtz or Bonnie Hunt? last but not least, Ito's character will probably not be the same if the film is remade. In spite of all positive attributes, Ito exhibits many outdated [caricature-like] characteristics that could make audiences who're not already an AUNTIE MAME fan, equate him as a StepinFetchit of sorts... if they were to remake the film, ITO would probably be portrayed similarly to Stanley Tucci's character Nigel in The devil wears Prada. your thoughts?
  11. Speaking of Nathan Lane, do you think he would make for a good Mr. Burnside? or is it not big enough a role for him... hmm, what about Gene Wilder? What about Lili Taylor as Gooch? come to think of it, Emma Thompson COULD very well make a decent Mame... as for Patrick Dennis, I would have suggested James Spader/Matthew Modine as the grown-up version, but that'd work only if the remake was shot 15 years ago.
  12. to me, the Hollywood version just didn't work, even if it was an original and RASHOMON was never made. The sensibilities about honor and shame just don't translate well in a Western mind-set, as opposed to the context & value-systems we would expect from a Japanese film like RASHOMON. Another Hollywood film that was inspired by RASHOMON would be COURAGE UNDER FIRE (meg ryan, denzel washington, lou diamond philips), and they chose the correct topic which actually works with the RASHOMON style of narrative approach. If they didn't reveal how Meg Ryan actually was killed, and left it to the audience to decide, it would have been a much better film and probably as close as they'll get to a decent RASHOMON-type remake. But even with the Hollywood ending, COURAGE UNDER FIRE still makes a better homage to RASHOMON than OUTRAGE. That said, James Wong Howe did a fantastic job with the cinematography. As to "subtitled films", I find most non-english films to be a better watch when I get to hear the original voice tracks. Even though I can't understand a word to what I hear, I get a better feel of the actors' performances. I can cite a few examples -- LA CAGE AUX FOLLES, and SPIRTED AWAY (just to name 2 off the top of my head) are fine examples of how the subtitled version is far superior to that with english-dubbed tracks.
  13. sorry Jack, I should have written "if you were to remake AUNTIE MAME, who would you cast?" how about Bonnie Hunt, or Annette Bening?
  14. This is one classic that needs to be remade, but who would be able to deliver as memorable performance as the late great Rosaline Russell? Her timeing for comedy and rapid-fire lines were on-the-dime. Some have suggested the likes of Bette Midler or Streisand, but I wonder if there are others... Meryl Streep? Cher? your thoughts?
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