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  1. Thanks for the comments... Yes we fork over hard earned $$$ so that Brian Roberts can throw around $$$ to all the politicians that let him keep his monopoly even though it's not called that. Verizon has given up wiring new installs of Fiber even though they promised the worker bees that they would have with forever giving everyone fiber optic....HA....Maybe Apple will grab content from COMCAST/NBC etc....... and offer true choice...I doubt it.....You're right you could do Internet only but by the time you add up all the content services you'd need plus antenna for local you're almost up there
  2. I pay nearly $240.00 a month to the small little Mom and Pop cable outlet known as Comcast. I have 5,000,000,000 channels which I watch maybe 10 counting the local Philly stations. My favorite is of course TCM. So they pull TCM off my adapter boxes which I have 4 and move TCM to another package...So I call Mother Comcast and ask why...they tell me they did a study and people just aren't watching TCM and it costs them too much to have it on the adapter units....OH REALLY??? So they keep all the other 3,000 channels ( 7 Tolumndo channels) that NO ONE WATCHES and decide to move TCM to another
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