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  1. He made it possible for all ages enjoyed movies without commercials
  2. I remember she was playing a piano
  3. Here are movies I have suggested
  4. Who is in charge what movies to be aired ... how many times are they showing “ A Place in the Sun” repeating shows like they do on HBO, let me rephrase what I. Meant by Ted Turner I thought when he set up TCM is for a variety of classic is that what Turner Classic Movies stand for.
  5. How Turner Classic Movies Catering to Film Fans
  6. To me the best horror movies are the B- movies made in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Those are the classics
  7. I agree they repeatedly showed movies all over again for example The Thin Man , WE NEED variety of movies
  8. My wishes for everyday in the month of October they show every horror movie classic.
  9. I remember she was the playing the piano
  10. Information on a movie title in black and white movie classic... In one scene I vaguely remembered is when a woman with a long wavy blonde hair wearing her white nightgown walking into a room and she removing both of her hands on top of a piano
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