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  1. I don't know if there is already a topic on Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (1977), but I was wondering if someone could shed some light for me on this movie. I am referring to what is called the "extended version" or "The Director's Cut" if you will. In one version of that movie there is a scene where the main character (Richard Dreyfuss) is trying to explain fractions to his son by playing with a model train at home. In another version, Richard Dreyfuss is playing with the model train, but alone. His son is not in that scene and there is no reference to an arithmetic
  2. But, again, with the political correctness in cruising speed these days, soon we might see an African American woman playing Bond or a fat bald Frenchman with a béret and a baguette under his sweaty arm.
  3. I admit, maybe it's a psychological thing, but to me, an American playing Bond is like a Brit playing a sheriff in a western.
  4. I understand your point, but I was referring strictly to James Bond. Of course, an American actor can play a British character beautifully and vice versa, but the James Bond character is so quintessentially British that only a British actor can play him.
  5. Alive today: 1. Anthony Hopkins 2. Jack Nicholson 3. Robert de Niro
  6. Sorry, but an American actor could never play Bond! Bond is quintessentially British (English, Scot, Irish, Welsh) so an American actor just would not cut it.
  7. Don't forget Bernard Herrmann: he wrote the score of many of Hitchcock's masterpieces, as well as scores such as "The Day the Earth Stood Steel" "Journey to the Center of the Earth", The Ghost and Mrs Muir", "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad", etc
  8. Now that we are in the heart of the Christmas season, why can't TCM feature "Samson and Delilah", the 1949 version with Victor Mature, Hedy Lamarr, George Sanders and Angela Lansbury. I don't recall ever seeing that movie on TCM, am I wrong? I remember that scene, at the end of the movie, when Samson is blind, inside the arena, degraded, helpless and powerless and Delilah grabs the whip from that fat guard and says "He's mine to punish"
  9. As lieutenant Columbo used to say, "You'll be the first to know"
  10. "Fantastic Voyage", interesting ! I know that movie: Raquel Welch, Stephen Boyd, Donald Pleasence. When I was a young boy, I recall a conversation that my father had with one of his friends about that movie. They were fascinated by the idea of launching a tiny submarine with a medical crew through the eye of the man with the fatal tumour.
  11. Well, folks, I have just purchased this double feature from Amazon: Fritz Lang's 1959 Indian Epic: "The Tiger of Eschnapur" and "The Indian Tomb" a Blu-ray set, just released. Pricy, but, to me, worth having. My papa took me to see these two movies when I was a boy.
  12. Oh yes, I remember that line. Great!
  13. "Barry Lyndon" is my favorite Kubrick's film! I have seen it the first time in a theatre with two charming English ladies, freshly arrived from England. I love David Lynch. I simply love the atmospheric aspect of his films, even if I don't understand the plot (but, again, does Lynch want you to understand the plot?)
  14. Last time, I forgot to mention "As Good as it Gets" in my list. Shame on me!!!
  15. Strange, but when it comes to Romantic Comedies, I tend to neglect the ones that were made prior to the 1970's, at the exception, perhaps, of "Roman Holidays", "Breakfast at Tiffany", "Charade" and "Arabesque" Otherwise, the romantic comedies that I like are: Pretty Woman (Julia Roberts recently said that this movie could never have been made today) Sabrina (1995, Harrison Ford) Notting Hill The Proposal Two Weeks Notice Leap Year Maid in Manhattan Six Days Seven Nights Love Actually She's out of my League Meet Joe Black Roxanne
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