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  1. I adore "The Pirate" even though not everyone will agree with me. I love it for several reasons. Minnelli attempted so much with this film It's dazzling to look at and the performances are incredible. Judy at her sophisticated best!!
  2. I totally agree. I love this woman and her incredible talent!! She's totally under-rated!!
  3. I adore Vera-Ellen. One of the true greats who never got her due.
  4. Sheldon

    south pacific

    I agree, Barry!! "South Pacific" is a beautiful film. I saw the current stage p[roduction and I'm seeing it again! I still would have LOVED to have seen Doris Day as Nellie-but Mitzi Gaynor did very well.Her best performance, I think!!
  5. Sheldon


    I ADORE Vera-Ellen . She's incredible. I too read that line in Basinger's book. Ordinarily, I love Basinger's work. However, she was way off-base in this case. VE was one of the FINEST dancers ever to grace a musical!!!
  6. Sheldon

    Calamity Jane

    I agree. McLerie was great. She was also in Warners' remake of "The Desert Song" and I think she was in "Where's Charley?" I saw her -along time ago-as Anita in the National Tour of "West Side Story." Unlikely casting, but she was great. She had the lead in Irving Berlin's "Miss Liberty" but that show flopped. You can hear her on the delightful cast album. It's kind of like Helen Gallagher's career-a very good one-but just missing stardom. MClerie was wonderful as Blair Brown's mom on the TV show "MollyDodd." I haven't heard of her since.I believe her son died tragically in an asccident around
  7. Can't wait to see this, Cinemascope. it should be arriving at my mailbox any day now!
  8. "Portrait of Jennie" is one of my all-time favorites. I saw it as a child on TV and have adored it ever since. I always recommend this film and the lovely Robert Nathan book on which it's based.
  9. Hi Brad!! I hope you loved "Oklahoma!" It's one of my faves. I'm also nuts about Shirley Jones.
  10. I loved Gloria Grahame. But as far as I'm concerned, there's no question Hagan should have won for Singin...An obviously BRILLIANT performance. On the other hand Grahame wasn't nominated for what I consider her best performance as Debbie in " The Big Heat."
  11. I agree. One of the all-time worst. One of the few movies it's almost impossible to sit through. "Reflections" is a masterpiece in comparison!
  12. "The Pirate" is one of my all-time favorites. Designed and performed beautifully. Very much ahead of its time. Glad you liked it!!
  13. Sheldon

    Paint Your Wagon

    "Camelot" was excerpted on the Ed Sullivan show. Prior to that, the show was running out of its advance sale after largely negative reviews. After the Sullivan show, there were lines around the block.It's a shame. I think it has a lovely score. I think some adaptations fall under the heading " What were they thinking?" Case in point: Lucy in "Mame." What a performance Lansbury would have given. Too late now.
  14. Sheldon

    Paint Your Wagon

    I TOTALLY agree with you!! Logan was OK with straight films-especially, I thought with "Picnic" but he couldn't direct a musical on film to save his life. I wonder if this had to do with his lack of medication for his manic depression. Seriously.
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