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  1. Thanks, Sandy. I'm crazy about both of these women! Shelly
  2. Any R & H musical is worth seeing! Definitely watch it. I have fairly strong feelings about it, but I think you should watch it first. I don't want to "color" your opinion!!
  3. It's really hard since I am an absolute Day fanatic !!! But Dramatic wise--"Love Me or Leave Me" and musical wise-"The Pajama Game." Day should definitely have done Nellie in "South Pacific." She would have been great!
  4. Sheldon

    Marsh Hunt

    Ken, you're so right. Marsha Hunt was one the most underrated actresses in Hollywood. She basically could do anything. I believe I read in an interview she gave that she felt she was just beginning to crack "stardom"when the blacklist hit and that was it. She ended up doing a lot of Theater during this period. But what a loss-ditto-Anne Revere and Gale Sondergaard-and MANY others!!
  5. Marilyn and Doris both kind of got locked into certain images. Marilyn , as my beloved partner John was saying last night, was fighting to get out. He told me she would have LOVED to play parts that Doris was playing-an independent working woman-but there was no way she'd get cast in that kind of role. There's a reason Monroe is bigger than ever almost 45 years after her death. She was and IS one of a kind. There will NEVER be another like her. You can say that about all the great stars. They've stood the test of time. It's interesting , by the way, that Doris ended up doing "Move Over, Darling" the completed version of Marilyn's aborted " Something's Gotta Give." Both of these super women had absolutely beautiful bodies. AND souls, too! End of sermon!
  6. I'd love to see Eleanor Parker as Star of the Month. I think this three time Best Actress nominee deserves to be remembered for something other than " The Sound of Music." Of course, many reading this website know exactly who she is and appreciate her.But I think it's a shame that Miss Parker has been sadly forgotten by many people. Any thoughts?
  7. I love both of them! They both were extremely sexy AND talented. They were almost like two sides of the same coin. They both also made things look extremely " easy."
  8. So far, I've watched 3 of the films. And, though they're not perfect, they're pretty damn close !! I was very surprised. I'm really enjoying them. Acquanetta in " Dead Man's Eyes" has to be seen to be believed. Her line readings are, to put it kindly, rather wooden!! I'm really enjoying this series. It's a great bargain!!
  9. Hey Mike! I started watching " Weird Woman." Definitely has some similarities with " Burn Witch, Burn." I love the disembodied Inner Sanctum head right before the credits.I'm sure this'll be true for each of the films. By the way, it's grat to see Evelyn Ankers in the "other woman" role. Nice change of pace.
  10. Hi! Bernadette was great-won a Tony for it. She's not the perect fit for Annie, in my opinion. However, she's so talented she made it work.The same goes for Rose in "Gypsy."I thought the Annie production was too Las Vegas for my taste!
  11. Oh, that's right. I read that! I love " Burn, Witch, Burn!! One of my all-time favorites. Great performance by Janet Blair, don't you think? I love her character's name. Tanzy, isn't it?
  12. Hey Stoneyburke. I agree totally. My partner and I used to love to look at Garbo's window. I think you could tell it was hers because she had these pinkish curtains. it was right off the East river in a kind of cul-de-sac. I love "Time and Again" also.
  13. I bought the set yesterday. 6 movies! I'm a sucker for all these Universal suspense -horror fims. Who could go wrong? And the great Acquanetta's in one of them! Did I spell her name correctly?
  14. Something like that. Really. It's called Manhattan Plaza. There are a lot of famous and not-so famous actors there. Plus "regular" folk, too. It's a great place to live.
  15. Hi! Robert Earl Jones was a wonderful man. We lived in the same apartment building in NYC until a few years ago. I would always see him running around the courtyard well into his eighties!! He was in incredible shape!! God rest his soul.
  16. I checked out Miss Twelvetrees on Imdb.com. Sadder than I thought. Apparently died a suicide in 1958 at 49. Check it out! At least WE who love Classic Films haven't forgotten her.
  17. I believe she died at a relatively young age-54 possibly. I always liked her!
  18. I saw Bernadette Peters do it in that production. I understand that Reba was sensational and did great business. Susan Lucci was supposed to be pretty good. also.
  19. Yup! I agree that Judy shouldn'thave won-much as I adore her performance. In fact, I adored her in every performance she ever gave. I saw her as a kid in the Broadway production of " Bells are Ringing." She was a knock-out and deservedly won the Tony that season. I think Bette or Gloria should have won. I don't know whom I would have picked Both are brilliant. So is Anne Baxter and if she'd allowed herself to be nominated in the supporting category, I think she'd have won over Josephine Hull. Hull, of course, is ALSO wonderful. Does anyone have any thoughts who would have gotten Baxter's slot had she elected to be nominated in the supporting category? Betty Hutton , perhaps for "Annie..."? Just a thought.
  20. I had seen this before, but I'd forgotten how hard-hitting it was. I thought Helen Twelvetrees was excellent and Arline Judge looked like a down-and-dirty Claudette Colbert. Come to think of it, so did Colbert when the part called for it. I thought the film touched on many issues, especially the depression and the bittersweet ending was quite realistic.Helen Twelvetrees has got to have the saddest eyes AND eyebrows in the world!! Would love to hear from anyone who's seen this film!
  21. I've always adored Ms. Colbert. I really hope some good writer does a bio on her. Ms. Cobert could do it all. She had incredible comic timing but she was wonderful in dramatic films, also. Like great wine, she got better with age and so do her films. My personal favorite among many wonderful films, is Preston Sturges' " The Palm Beach Story." If you haven't seen it, rent or buy a copy. I think it's a perfect film.
  22. Interesting re: Doris Day. Supposedly she was a strong contender for Nellie Forbush. How do you think she would have done?
  23. Sheldon

    1946 Shock

    I waiched the DVD last night .Really enjoyed it. Anyone seen it??
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