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  1. I have Al Jolson doing " Goin' to Heaven on a Mule" on my laserdisc but I'm pretty certain it's not on the DVD Berkeley collection.
  2. Yes!! God forbid we have the number "I'm an Indian ,Too!"
  3. Ms. Lansbury is considered one of the nicest people in Hollywood. She's had her share of intense highs and intense lows and has still managed to remain incredibly modest about her incredible talent. In these days of no talent celebrities who can do nothing, how refreshing the wonderful Ms. Lansbury is.
  4. One of the greatest and nicest performers of all time. She should have DEFINITELY won for " The Manchurian Candidate."
  5. Let's see: Some Like It Hot...The Miracle of Morgan's Creek...Born Yesterday...Unfaithfully Yours('48)...A Night at the Opera...Duck Soup...The Apartment...The Major and the Minor...It Happened One Night...Adam's Rib...
  6. I also think that Vincente Minnelli should have directed Fair Lady. I love George Cukor's work. However I think Minnelli would have been perfect for this film.I do love both films. But on a purely filmic level-visually-absolutely stunning-I'd give the edge to Gigi.
  7. Good for you!!! Really, the classics are the classics for a good reason: they've stood the test of time !
  8. Doris Day has the greatest smile, hands down! She absolutely lights up the screen. What a talent!
  9. Thanks for writing this!! The "wonderful" Olson (sp) twins got their star BEFORE the truly wonderful Patty Duke!! Absolutely insane ! Ithink Paris Hilton will be next if she doesn't have one already! The great Mr. Warden lived in my building in NYC. What a truly wonderful actor AND man. He was never to busy to talk to everyone and anyone. When my dad met him in the elevator, he couldn't remember his name. Instead of brushing my father off, Mr Warden accepted my dad's praise graciously and even kindly tokd him his name. "Warden" he said! God rest his soul. Walk of Fame or not, he'll never be forgotten!
  10. I saw Mako in the original production of Sondheim's " Pacific Overtures." He will be missed
  11. Here's mine: Vertigo Rear Window Strangers on a Train Notorious Rebecca
  12. You're TOTALLY correct. To make matters worse, the true classic stars had a LOT of competition. When THEY won Oscars, they had to compete with major talents!! And, in all fairness, the classic stars under the studio system had a nurturing place where they could make mistakes. The old cliche holds true. The proof IS in the pudding. Just see how many of today's so-called classic films and stars are still considered classics five or ten years from now. Unfortunately, it's also true our standards have DRASTICALLY lowered in the past five to ten years. Our attention span is also non-existent. So we get exactly what we deserve, Stupid stories, barely talented "stars" and pretty awful films. Having said that , there are STILL enough talented people and good films out there to give me some hope. We just need a lot more! End of rant.
  13. Hi Mark! Doris Day WAS Nellie Forbush. Josh Logan was upset, according to what he wrote in his bio, when Doris wouldn't sing at a party as a sort of "audition." Audition!? She was a MAJOR star and it was obvious from the get-go that she was PERFECT for Nellie. An absolute cryin' shame. She would have elevated " South Pacific " to a wonderful film instead of the so-so treavelogue that it is... It would also have helped if Logan hadn't directed the film. but that's another story...
  14. Doris Day is among my all-time favorites!. She is still underrated, basically because she could do it all and make it look so easy. Plus she was a knockout. That didn't hurt, either. My wonderful partner, John and I had occasion to stay at her hotel in Carmel, California several years ago. An absolutely beautiful place and totally pet friendly, as you might expect. Around the bar were posters of her films and the hotel itself had a warm inviting feeling just as you'd expect from an establishment owned by Ms. Day. I wrote her a card with a picture of a boy and his dog on the front. I asked the manager to forward it to her. He said she was usually around and that she was definitely hands on concerning the hotel. Unfortunately, she wasn't around while we were there. Less than a week later back in NYC, I got a beautiful note from Ms. Day stating she was sorry she'd missed us and thanking us for stayng at her hotel!! The last sentence read "... loved your card, by the way!" I framed that card with a still from " Jumbo" and I proudly show it off to everyone. Ms. Day was and IS one of our greatest stars. If you haven't seen some of her lesser known films, search them out! She was a NATURALLY brilliant actress-no "acting" there! She DEFINITELY should have been nominated for "Love Me Or Leave Me" and "The Man Who Knew Too Much." Class all the way!
  15. Hepburn-Long Day's Journey Finch-Network Leigh-Streetcar Garland-star is Born Hutton-Annie get your Gun Olivier-Carrie Holliday-Born Yesterday Remick and Lemmon-Days of Wine and Roses Page-Trip to Bountiful Harris-Member of the Wedding Booth-Come Back, Little Sheba Fontaine-Letter From An Unknown Woman Monroe-Bus Stop Hepburn-The Nun's Story Kerr-The King and I Russell-His Girl Friday Stewart-Vertigo Grant North by Northwest Taylor-Suddenly, Last Summe Garson Random Harvest Davis-Now,Voyager DeHavilland-The Heiress Bergman-Autumn Sonata Brando-Streetcar Bogart-The Caine Mutiny
  16. She DEFINITELY should have been nominated for Tree and Nightmare.She was a superb actress and VERY sexy!!!
  17. I adore Bronislau Kaper's music for " Auntie Mame."
  18. Totally agree, Jack! I also love " Meet Me in St. Louis","The Bandwagon" and " The Pirate."
  19. On the Waterfront, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, An Affair to Remember, Carousel, The King and I, How Green Was My Valley...
  20. The great Margaret Sullavan and I adore Judy Holliday's voice even when it was lovably screechy!
  21. Hi Jack! Call me perverse-but I really LOVE "Yolanda..." I have it on laserdisc. I think it's a beautifully designed and performed film. I love Mildred Natwick. Hope to see it on DVD soon! Shelly
  22. Sheldon

    Hit the Deck

    I know it's on laserdisc and tape, also!! At least oit was!you might try e-Bay.
  23. Eleanor Parker Gloria Grahame Kathryn Grayson Joan Fontaine Ann Blyth...
  24. Speaking of Ms. Day, who's my absolute favorite all around triple threat performer--My partner and I had the pleasure of staying in her lovely hotel-the Cypress Inn -in Carmel-several years ago.I left her a card telling her how much she meant to me. Just listening to her sing or seeing any of her films always lifted my spirits!!! I asked the hotel manager if he could give the card to her. He said he would.I received a beautiful reply from her WITHIN THE WEEK !!-saying how much she liked the card and how SORRY she was that she hadn't met my partner and myself during our hotel stay. I've since framed that card and I proudly show it to everyone I know!! A truly classic and classy star--one of a kind. They don't make 'em like that anymore!
  25. Garbo in Camille is incandescent. It's interesting. Once in awhile, the Academy gets it right. I thought Jessica Tandy and Geraldine Page's wins were truly deserved. By the way, did you ever see Tandy in that film-the title of which I forget-based on "the Gioconda Smile" ? It starred Charles Boyer and Ann Blyth. Anyway, she gave a brilliant performance that was totally overlooked. I guess that happens a lot,also!
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