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  1. God, I agree with just about all your choices. I'm also sorry that Irene Dunne didn't win at some point! Joan Fontaine in"Letter..." has got to be one of my all-time favorite performances. Perfect. I just watched Lombard in " Hands Across the Table" in the new DVD collection. Sensational. So un-actressy! Hepburn-Should have won for "Alice Adams." No question. Of course this isn't on your list-but Garland in " A Star is Born" gave one of the all-time GREAT performances-male or female. I think Grace Kelly won for a number of stupid reasons. She had a few major hits that year-she was the new kid on the block, etc., etc. Not to denigrate Kelly. I love her. But I guess the proof's in the pudding. Try watching Kelly in " Country Girl" today. She 's beautiful, earnest and looks like she's playing dress-up. Which is why the Academy gave the Oscar to her! Ah, well.
  2. Totally agree on Hitchcock! Unbelievable!!! I LOVE Gloria Grahame, also! It's just that, in my opinion, she definitely didn't deserve it for that one !!!! She should have been nominated and won for "The Big Heat." god, she was great in that. She should have had a Best Actree nomination. she could have bumped Maggie McNamara-no great loss...
  3. Why, oh why don't some people win deserved Oscars? Here's a few of mypet peeves-just my personal opinion- Feel free to disagree!! Glenda Jackson for "ATouch of Class"? Tommy Lee Jones-"The Fugitive" ? Gloria Grahame-"The Bad and the Beautiful"? Beatrice Straight-"Network"? Marisa Tomei-" My Cousin Vinny"? Juliette Binoche(sp)-"The Englishy Patient"? Luise Rainer-"The Great Ziegfeld"? Don't forget, yhis is just my opinion. I'm sure many of you would violently disagree with me. The list could go on and on... I know that some years it's just a very competitive year. Other years it's just inexplicable why someone doesn't win. I defy anyone saying that Jean Hagan DIDN"T deserve the supporting Oscar for " Singin' in the Rain" or that the GREAT Thelma Ritter DIDN'T deserve an Oscar for" Pickup on South Street." These were two absolutely MAGNIFICENT performances. Sometimes you wonder-" what were they thinking?" Any thoughts?
  4. Marilyn, Grace, Audrey, Judy, Lana, Vivien, Elizabeth, Gene,Ava, Linda, Rita , Betty-Grable AND Hutton, Olivia, Joan Fontaine AND Joan Crawford, Greta...
  5. My Absolute favorite. !!! I ADORE her!! A true triple threat performer!! When I stayed at her hotel, the Cypress Inn in Carmel a few years ago, I dropped her a note and I heard back from her within the week!! A truly classic star!! Happy Birthday, Doris !!!
  6. I share your desire for " The Constant Nymph." I once won a copy on e-bay.Then the seller wrote me that the tape was of such bad quality that he would send it but refund my money or something like that. The seller was totally correct. It was so tantalizing to try to watch scenes which you knew were wonderful but looked as if they'd been through gauze AND underwater!!!!!!!!!!!! I adore the novel the film 's based on and I'm still waiting for the day I finally see the film!
  7. How about stars or supporting players who aren't usually covered? Someone suggested this and I think it's a great idea! Here are some names off the top of my head: Eleanor Parker Gloria Grahame Cyd Charisse Shirley Jones Dan Dailey- a problem, I guess, because he did mostly Fox films Frank Morgan Margaret O'Brien Gloria DeHaven Angela Lansbury...
  8. There are! I'm one of them!! I've always been crazy about these films. They're like comfort food for the soul!
  9. Hello again! By the way, have you ever read the novel-"All This and Heaven, Too" by Rachel Field? Absolutely wonderful-especially if you're a big fan of the film, which I am, also!
  10. Hi!! I'm sure you'll gets lots of replies on this one! Here are some-obviously reflecting my personal prejudices! No particular order: Portrait Of Jennie-Jennifer Jones-Joseph Cotton Letter From An Unknown Woman-Joan Fontaine -Louis Jourdan Annie Get Your Gun-Betty Hutton -Howard Keel The Big Carnival(AKA Ace in the Hole) Kirk Douglas-Jan Stirling Love Me Or Leave Me-Doris Day-James Cagney Vertigo-James Stewart-Kim Novak Waterloo Bridge-Vivien Leigh-Robert Taylor A Star is Born-Garland-Mason The Pumpkin Eater-Bancroft-Mason The Cat People- Simone-Simon The Seventh Victim-Kim Hunter The Marrying Kind-Judy Holliday-Aldo Ray His Girl Friday-Russell-Grant Caged-Eleanor Parker The Virgin Spring-Ingmar Bergman masterpiece Gaslight-Bergman-Cotton The Manchurian Candidate-the original with the wonderful Angela Lansbury All Fall Down-Lansbury again, Eva Marie Saint The Innocents-Deborah Kerr There are tons more--but I'll give you a rest for now!! Happy Viewing and Welcome to the world of Classic Film!! Shelly
  11. This truly dates me, but the very first movie I remember seeing-as a VERY small child, I might add, was " Annie Get Yor Gun" starring that blonde firecracker, Betty Hutton. I fell in love with her then and there. I'd see her in ANYTHING!! When Carol Burnett was on vacation during the Broadway run of " Fade Out, Fade In", I saw her replacement-Betty! I would lovel to have seen Carol, but I adored seeing Betty. She was a bit past her prime in this role, but what the hell! Old love affairs die hard. By the way, there's an excellent Robert Osborne interview with Betty which ran several years ago. If you haven't seen it, don't miss it. If you HAVE seen it, watch it again!
  12. There's a reason we all love Judy. Quite simply, she was THE greatest entertainer of all time! She could do it all. There will NEVER be any performer to replace her!
  13. I recently watched "Strike Up the Band" and " Babes on Broadway" on the old wonderful laserdisc format!-. What wonderful films! Rooney and Garland were absolutely magical. I applauded after each number. My God, R & G were supremely talented.! Who of the current crop even comes close? Absolutely no one! There's a REASON we love classic films.They're incredibly entertaining! Garland, of course, is brilliant and Mickey Rooney is simply amazing. Check these films out again if you want to feel pure cinematic pleasure.
  14. I agree, Tom!! I love " Pepe" ! All 3 hours or so of it. I believe it's a Columbia release and I don't think it's part of TCM's library!! Take care! Shelly
  15. My God, I'm doing it again! Please excuse my typo on wonderful!
  16. I think "Gypsy" is OK, but Russell shouldn't have played it. As much as I love her-Merman should have had that role as Lansbury should have had " Mame." Thank God Robert Preston got to do "The Music Man." Oh, I almost forgot-" South Pacific" has got to be on this list. Mitxi Gaynor and Josh Logan scuttled this one. What a crying shame! Nellie Forbush cried out for Doris Day!! She would have been terrific. She had EVERY quality the role called for! Anyone agree?
  17. Along with " Mame"-you're totally correct! What a shame when these wonerful properties are truly mangled!
  18. Thanks, Rusty! I've seen " The Red House." It's excellent! The kino print of " Scarlet Street"-except for an occasional line here and there-is superb. It truly looks newly minted. Take Care! Shelly
  19. " A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" gets me every time as does " How Green Was My Valley."
  20. Just watched a GREAT Kino print of this wonderful film. Wow! Joan Bennett's best performance, in my opinion. What's also interesting --without giving anything away-for those who haven't seen it- is the ending. Very rare ending for a 40's film!
  21. I hope it's out on DVD, eventually, Sandy! I have it on laserdisc coupled with " I Love Melvin." Take care! Shelly
  22. I love him! My personal favorite of his darker films? " Vertigo"-an incredibly complex performance-totally underrated at the time. He really deserved an Oscar for this one. But then again, he's always superlative. Message was edited by: Sheldon
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