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    Washington DC
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    Movies in the 1930s-1950s time period. Favorite actors include Jimmy Cagney, Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Ronald Colman, Ginger Rogers, Irene Dunne, Claudette Colbert, Greer Garson, etc. Also like film noir, Alfred Hitchock, North by Northwest, etc, etc.
    Until recently, my practice was to turn on TCM at random times without checking the schedule in hopes that the TCM programmers would surprise me with something new or would show an old favorite that I enjoyed seeing again. TCM rarely failed me. I say "until recently" because as of about Dec 12, 2019, Comcast moved TCM to a more expensive "Sports Entertainment Package" for its Washington DC subscribers.
  1. I live in Washington DC and I was able to view TCM via Comcast until about 2 days ago, when this message appeared on my TV screen: "Subscribe to TCMHD. This Requires a Subscription. To watch this program, you'll need to subscribe to this channel. Go to www.xfinity.com and select Shop/Upgrade to update your package." As much as I love TCM, I just cannot see paying Comcast more money to upgrade my subscription to a package that will include other selections that I have no interest in viewing. Just today, after doing some searching, I found a Comcast announcement and FAQ regarding its d
  2. Hello, I'm the person who started this thread. Thank you, everyone, for your input and comments. I've learned a great deal from your messages. As I noted in my original message, I have two VHS tapes of "A Walk in the Sun," both poor quality. I obtained one copy through Amazon.com. This may be a waste of time, but I am going to send some feedback to the Amazon vendor who I purchased the VHS tape from and also copy my message to Amazon. I am going to recommend that Amazon and/or the vendor include some sort of disclaimer regarding the tape quality. Who knows, maybe the vendor has been rec
  3. I am having difficulty locating a good quality version of the 1945 movie, "A Walk in the Sun," on VHS tape. The two VHS tapes I have of this movie are such poor quality (images are not sharp, poor sound, etc.) that I am unable to sit through the entire movie. The two VHS tapes I have for this movie are: (1) United American Video Corp. (UAV), Charlotte, NC 28217, 0004 VHS, 116 minutes, 1988. (2) Passport International Productions, Inc., Rahway, NJ; V V-418 VHS; 117 minutes; "Vintage Video Presents." Does anyone know if a good VHS version of this movie exists? If one does exists, where can
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