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  1. By the way..... to start, I asked "What would this guy look like in 10 to 15 years?" I decided on Lewis Stone, but countless searches turned up nothing, then I let my brain go through a whole series of naurual algorithms. My brain does this automatically. Face, hair, nose, age at time of photo, approximate year of photo, approximate year 10 to 15 years later, and I came up with H.B. Warner. Then I searched for the photo, and there it was on page 2.
  2. Leave it open for anyone, or do another one yourself.
  3. H.B. WARNER Newspaper photo page link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn83030214/1922-01-22/ed-1/seq-70/#date1=1836&sort=relevance&rows=20&words=B+H+Warner&searchType=basic&sequence=0&index=2&state=&date2=1922&proxtext=h+b+warner&y=0&x=0&dateFilterType=yearRange&page=2
  4. People took care of their cars in those days. They waxed their cars. Even if they bought used cars, they would clean them up, wax them, and make them shine. I remember. On a weekend, in a nice little-house neighborhood, 20 men would be outside washing their cars. It's like the way many of the Cubans have been keeping their 1950s cars clean and spotless. In Los Angeles, people, including blacks, would keep their yards clean and spotless. We today are living in an era of messy people. Remember this: Bank robbers in the 1930s and 40s wore suits. They would dress up to go rob a bank.
  5. Some very good points. First, BLUE DRESS purposely wanted to show modern LA like it really was in the late 1940s, and it did an excellent job of that, just like CHINATOWN did. B&W noirs of the late 40s generally wanted to show grime, so they filmed in neighborhoods that were NOT new at the time they were filmed, but maybe 50 to 100 years old already. Another point of BLUE DRESS was that although the blacks were neat and clean, the whites in LA and the LA government treated the blacks badly. Also, the blacks in the film being neat like the whites, had something to do with a
  6. HEY! the cars were NEW in the 1940s. And the neighborhoods were new and clean. Everyone dressed well and were clean in the 1940s. This film was ABOUT the 1940s, and NOT about South-Central L.A. of today. 1940s:
  7. Kane was not designed to be seen more than once. By the end of the long film, the director realized that no one in the audience would think of or remember how or how loud he spoke at the end of his life, way earlier at the beginning of the film, or who might or might not have heard him. Anyway, the nurse heard it behind the closed door. I think it is a little odd to bid at an auction on a "Rosebud Sled" that WAS NEVER IN THE MOVIE. This is a bid on a Reproduction of a prop, not a real movie prop that was in the movie. In fact, none of us know how many of these props are reproductions.
  8. Yeah, and never in the history of the world has a tornado picked up a house whole, spun it around, and landed it right in the middle of Munchkin Land, killing a witch in the process.
  9. Well, dang! It's the only "running through a noir alley" photo I coulc find! Anyway, the Arab is behind the truck.... Rocco El Ayoob Rossi is driving it.
  10. I prefer to run down dark alleys at night, with plenty of noir lighting. I pretend I'm in an old British noir, with angry Arabs with long knives chasing me.
  11. You mean I can stop running throught the streets screaming in panic??
  12. I read so few fiction books in my life, because of my dyslexia, It amazed me that when I heard Pons singing, I immediately recognized the source of her "warbling" bird-like style.... it meant that the director, screen writer, music composer, and Pons most likely read those early sections of the GREEN MANSIONS book, so that Pons would know how to imitate bird-like sounds, and Pons knew exactly how to imitate the sounds described in the book. It was only then that I realized the book was written well before the 1930s. With my eyes fixed on this green hiding-place I waited with suspended b
  13. I read the 1904 book when I was in high school, some 55 years ago (or more). The main plot was a romantic description of the forest life of the bird-like girl, or "nature girl" who grew up among the animals of the forest. Something like that Sabu film where he is raised by wild animals. So, the girl sings like a bird (which is not part of this movie). So the young handsome guy goes into the forest to search for gold or something, and hears the mysterious singing for a long time, then he finally meets the lovely young girl. Most of the rest of the book is about their romance. There
  14. TCM has shown the movie a couple of times. Funny thing... I was doing something else and I heard the lady singing like a bird, and I immediately said, "HEY! That singing is from the book GREEN MANSIONS."
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