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  1. Sounds like HIGH SIERRA 1940's W/Ida Lupino Line was given as Bogart drove a car with Ida and the dog: "going on a caper with a dame and a dog".
  2. Thanks for your reply, Can be seen at REELVIDZ, www.1channelmovie.com/ Didn't get on it yet. Will try later,on line movie!
  3. PRIVATE ANGELO, 1949 English production, Anyone know about it??? Would love to have a DVD!! Saw it on 1950's TV.
  4. Just saw this movie (PULP) for the first time!! Where has it been? Love it, fun fun. Love these "off Beat' movies: BEAT THE DEVIL, SAINT JACK, LOCAL HERO, etc. Liz Scott, Denise Price,and Mick, Lionel Stander, it all works for me!! Must have my own CD.
  5. You people don't know THE BEARD?? MONTY WOOLLEY!!
  6. Isaw the orginal TV "MARTY" and can ditto Johnpressman's reply.
  7. SHANGHAI EXPRESS Dir. Von Sternberg,,with Anna May Wong, and Warner Oland ,and Dietrich
  8. Should I jump-in, I know the movie.
  9. How about Chariotte Greenwood? If right I think I saw this Film.
  10. Dawn Wells Cold Cold feelings + legal document
  11. A NOTE to everyone; THE LOUISIANA STORY by Robert Flaherry will be broadcasted on Louisiana Public Television March 5 and 9th,2008. This program brings together the surviving key participants of the original 1940's movie and allows them to comment on this film. Including Richard Leacock cinematographer and associate producer and J. C. BOUDREAUX the Cajun boy who personified Flaherry's vision. This I will tape!!
  12. My take on this; thank God this "31 Days of Oscar" is over. It was like looking at Lawrence Welk 24/7. Now we can have some good 1930's and 1940's B movies. P. S. To Fred C. Dobbs,Louisiana Public Broadcasting is showing Twice this month Robert Flaherry's LOUISIANA STORY. This program brings together the surviving key participants of the original 1940's movie.
  13. The kid who bit Frederic March on the leg in NOTHING SACRED, was that Billy Barty? In CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT,there is a scene at the square dance, where a couple comes across the screen from right to left, they are cheek to cheek, the sailor is "cow eyed and love struck". is this Dan Daily?
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