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  1. wow! so it's been a year since i've posted on this and i thought if anyone still checks it, it would be fun to start it up again soooo here it goes You're every thought You're every thing You're every song i ever sing Summer, winter, autumn, and spring
  2. No, Sandy K was right Here's one: I'm giving all my love to one baby Heaven help me if my baby don't come through
  3. TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD We're watching that in civics class and I just can't get enough of Jem and Scout. Dill is too funny! What are these actors names??
  4. OK how about this one: (Hint: think animation) Up where they walk Up where they run Up where they play all day in the sun
  5. No, I was talking about Malcolm David Kelly from LOST.
  6. Is it "Remember My Forgotten Man" from "Gold Diggers or 1933?" I thought that was 'Cause ever since this world began but it's close.
  7. I don't know how many people watched the pilot again last night but I did. I have only seen the first season thought because i have dance class at the same time as LOST. There are so many questions to be answered on the show to begin with and the list seems to grow with every episode. I can't wait until the second season comes out on DVD and I heard that Ana Lucia shows up and kills Shannon! Don't give anything away PLEASE! Anyway, Malcolm is my favorite child actor of today and I hope he gets bigger roles in other things now that I also learned that he isn't on the show anymore- DON'T TE
  8. Right! Ok how about this one... We've danced the whole night through
  9. I do remember Trevor Morgan in "The Sixth Sense." I also like him in "The Rookie" when he played a younger Jimmy. I must say that probably my favorite child actor from today would be Malcolm David Kelly. He plays Walt in the TV show "Lost." If you don't watch it- I highly recommend it. I don't know anyone who doesn't like it. It appeals to everyone. It has mystery, romance, action, adventure, comedy, a hot guy. (hee hee) Anyway its such a great show and Kelly does such a good job. Hearts in Atlantis?? I haven't seen that yet but I live where part of it was filmed!
  10. I disagree- The newer version is truer to the book (Especially with the squirrels and the great glass elevator- I like the newer one's ending better. As i agree with you on the fact that no one could play Willy Wonka like Gene Wilder, no one could play the part of Willy Wonka like Johnny Depp! This version is more updated for today's kids, they understand it better. I certainly can't pick one version over the other but i love them both!
  11. Hey! I'm 14,too. I'm so happy to see other young people on this site! My "obsession" started when i found a copy of "The Gay Divorcee" in our movie collection. (which i may point out is mostly animated Disney fairytales) Growing up in the modern-day culture that we do, you can imagine what my first thought was. I dropped the E on the end and thought "The Gay Divorce"????? Why the heck do we have this movie?? My mom quickly corrected that it was "The Gay DivorcEE" but I still didn't understand. Then while I was at dance camp (I've danced for 10 years) the tap instructor told us that we sh
  12. 1. Gone With the Wind 2. Any Astaire and Rogers movie 3. Singin' in the Rain 4. Its a Wonderful Life 5. The Birds 6. Easter Parade 7. On the Town 8. Casablanca 9. The Shining (I know it has been re-made but it shouldn't have been) 10. The Sound of Music 11. Mary Poppins 12. West Side Story 13. Lord of the Rings 14. Toy Story 15. A Christmas Story 16. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 17. Charlotte's Web
  13. I always think of more favorites every time i log on but the two kids in "Jurassic Park" and the boy in "Jurassic Park III" are really good too!
  14. I knew the first one but somebody already replied. So...just for fun I'll throw another one out there: "All I know is you'd be hard to replace"
  15. Thanks for the info! I went to those websites and i saw a picture of Zach & Cody...well i don't know if that is their real name but from "The Suite Life" they are so adorable. I usually get annoyed by Disney Channel actors but i find these two really cute.
  16. I really love Jamie Bell I just didn't know that was his name. He does such a good job. I really cried along with him when the...First Mate??...I can't remember his name!...died. Is there anything else he's in?? I'd love to see more of him! I'll keep an eye out for Oliver Twist. > IloveFred- I totally agree about Jake Gyllenhall. Its > like "Homer Hickam" (I think that's how its spelled) > goes to gay land. Oh my gosh, I thought i was the only person in the whole world who felt like this but I'm glad to see someone shares my views. I was really a fan of Gyllenhall in
  17. I don't think I'm going to see Brokeback Mountain because I can't even look at Jake Gyllenhall seriously with that moustache!!! And I'm not really into that stuff...no offense or anything. I have never seen Mysterious Skin but I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it. What about the Dead End Kids? I have never seen a movie with them but I know they did something with Bogart who I also love. Jamie Bell in Kong...old or new?
  18. FRED ASTAIRE ALL THE WAY! Then i would ask him to twirl me around the dance floor and make me look good! I love Fred
  19. I am definitely a girl!! I think it would be funny for a boy to be in love with Fred Astaire! Lol anyway, how old are you and are you male or female? I almost forgot to say the two little boys from the movie "Zathura." I think their names are Josh Hutchinson and Jonah Bobo. They are SO CUTE!!
  20. Child stars......being only 14 i can't say i'm much past childhood myself! but these are my top favorites it no particular order Shirley Temple Margaret O'Brien Mickey Rooney McCauley Caulkin Elijah Wood Dakota Fanning Freddie Highmore Haley Joel Osment Judy Garland Hayley Mills Lindsay Lohan (The Parent Trap only!) Elizabeth Taylor Mara Wilson Sean Astin Jake Lloyd Danny Lloyd Veronica Cartwright The Olsen Twins (annoying but cute when they were young) Kirk Cameron Kurt Russell
  21. I know I seem pretty stupid for replying to myself but i completely forgot the wonderful smile of Donald O'Connor!!
  22. I don't know if you would consider Betty Garret to be a household name or not. I personally didn't realize how fabulous she was until i watched "Take Me Out To The Ballgame," even though i had seen her in other films with Sinatra before that. Anyway, I would encourage anyone who doesn't know who she is to find out! Now i am off to watch the movie with Debbie Reynolds showing in 3 minutes.
  23. Astaire and Rogers hands down Have you seen the difference between "Top Hat" and "The Bandwagon"?? Cyd Charise just didn't connect with Astaire the way Rogers did! They just had natural chemistry!
  24. I have SO many: Singin' In The Rain An American In Paris The Bandwagon ALL ASTAIRE & ROGERS MOVIES The Wizard Of Oz West Side Story Sweet Charity Take Me Out To The Ball Game On The Town There's a cute new musical out on the Disney Channel..... It's called "High School Musical" Trust me it can't compare to anything that the MGM did but for 2005 it's not half bad. The real letdown is that the main characters who fall in love.....DON'T KISS they just sort of dance off the screen at the end. Just watch it to see the main guy with his shirt off!
  25. Going on......Frank Sinatra could sing any song in the whole entire world!! Did I mention he's gorgeous??? My personal favorite by him was from "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" I can't remember the name of it but it's the one he sings to Esther Williams right after she gets out of the pool...... I have to figure out the name of that song!
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