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  1. I was really looking forward to Glenda Farrell day. We smart-mouthed dames have to stick together. Here's hoping she'll get her day soon.
  2. Rafter Romance has become a serious favorite of mine since is came out in the Lost and Found Series. I've watched it so many times I almost have it memorized , uh...not that it would take much. Who can resist Laura Hope Crews character? "What, Elise Peabody Worthington Smythe drink from the bottle?" and "I loathe landlords." Her role is the best in the story! I also love the Eckbaums, the landlord's family and all his arranging. Okay, so it's not GWTW. But, then, I don't like GWTW. I adore Ginger in her younger roles - check out 5th Avenue Girl for some more laughs.
  3. Just to add a note to all those kind thoughts about Cyd - she certainly brought a smile to many a face... and encouraged me to skip a Snickers bar or two...What a figure. What a lady. I also thought for many years that she was European. Hm. Hollywood won't be the same. Birdy
  4. I really enjoyed this night of movies - just my style! I haven't watched Midnight yet but got a great kick out of Easy Living. What about that bathtub? 'You bet your tintype!' And don't you just love eating (or should I say sliding) at the automat? B
  5. I agree - a great day of programming. Wouldn't you know..I was out of empty discs so spent the day scrambling around and trying to find discs with room to add onto. It was like a reunion of old friends, Glenda, Joan, Guy, Frank, and Allen. I will be watching them over the next two weeks and hope there are more days planned like this one in the future. B Fred - I enjoyed hating Stepfords Wives, also. Didn't you think she was going to make it for a minute? I mean, she clunked the creepy husband with the fire iron and I really thought she could take out the Disney weirdo. Th
  6. I read in The Parade a couple of weeks ago that Debra Messing will be in the remake of The Women. I'm not really sure what the point of making it is - I mean, no one has to go live half the year in Reno to divorce anymore so you lose half the plot - the women running into each other at this ranch and figuring who's been where with who... Maybe they will just read their husband's e-mails. BORING. Does anyone have any update on this remake? The modern actresses couldn't possibly make it better - and you know it will be cruder (I'm sure they'll just skip over the kennel joke and use the b-w
  7. Judy was a little too old to play Dorothy and had to be bound to appear to have a more girlish figure, but the Dorothy in the novels is a girl of 12 so it wasn't that far off - a lot of 12 year olds are the size of a grown woman. I think Judy captured the sense of Dorothy's inner innocence and bravery. I always felt bad that all she got to eat during that whole movie was a couple of apples; weren't there any restaurants in Oz?
  8. I am a huge Wizard of Oz movie fan - we just filmed a family version in my yard this summer - so I wanted to state that before I accidentally create enemies. I don't think that movie or score should ever be remade or touched - it is perfect. But it is a very mild interpretation of the book. If the book were to be more closely made into a movie, it would be dark indeed. For example, the tinman was a woodsman whose axe was forced to slip by the wicked witch and he lost one limb at a time until he was recreated as a man of tin. Like many of the fairy tales which are 'grim', they have been
  9. Friends, Can you believe it? Four months later and I am finally ready to crawl back in the foxhole and rearrange this equipment. The TV went out in the family room and that necessitated action. (Well, I guess it's out. There's sound and a horizontal line.) I hope this will allow me to do some dubbing now. I've just been recording over the summer and decided to put the dubbing on hold for bad weather. B
  10. Nice photo. He really wears a uniform well, doesn't he? He was so slim, he could really pull off that military look, especially a pilot, IMHO. b
  11. Thanks, everyone - I feel more confident about what I purchased and am really excited to get it going. I'll check in then and let you know if you need to send the National Guard to dig me out of the web of wires behind my television. B
  12. Talkietime - I hope this doesn't show up twice because this Gremlin keeps getting kicked off. Anyway, the model is Panasonic DMR-ES10S. It will write to DVD-Ram (re-recordable?) and DVDR (write-once?) discs. It also works like a tivo with slip-time. (I'd like to slip-time every once in a while.) It is factory sealed with a Panasonic warranty. I hope I did the right thing because it was an incredible price! Happy Birthday to me! B Fred - Gracias
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