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  1. Look what I discovered! I was reading an old Circus magazine and found out about this duet. I just had to check it out.
  2. Barbara Stanwyck was in The Violent Men with Glenn Ford.
  3. Whatever happened to Gilbert O'Sullivan? He just disappeared it seems. Love his songs!
  4. Just recently I purchased M, a German film, and Peter Lorre's first film as well. It's so realistic for 1931. I'm a big Peter Lorre fan anyway, but this may be his best performance. The director (Fritz Lang) manages to make ordinary criminals look like the good guys compared to the child killer. The criminal underworld and police are in a race with each other to catch him. In the end, I can't help but feel sorry for him. It's obvious he needs to be in a hospital or at least be given a fair trial, not ripped apart by gangsters at a mock trial. Definitely worth a watch!
  5. It's from the Indecent Proposal soundtrack.
  6. Yes. I still like the original best.
  7. This always puts a smile on my face. 🥰 https://pin.it/2jo3Shj
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