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  1. E. G. Marshall was in Absolute Power with Gene Hackman.
  2. I saw Three Dog Night in 2007. That was my first concert and still my favorite. Next: Favorite group or singer you wish you could have seen perform live
  3. The Naked Street (just watched this)
  4. Mister Roberts maybe? It has a serious theme and is also silly. Next: A Neil Simon movie
  5. The Naked Street, with Anthony Quinn, Farley Granger, and a very young Anne Bancroft. I really love film noir. This one was pretty good. Even though Anthony Quinn is the supposed villain, I liked him a lot more than Farley Granger. He was a real jerk. I would have liked to see him get the chair. Good movie.
  6. I've always thought Coda to be like Pink Floyd's The Final Cut. A last-ditch effort by producers to make money off of the band.
  7. The Three Stooges vs. The Marx Brothers
  8. I know, right? When that happens I always say there are so many commercials to get through the channel can barely squeeze them all in.
  9. Why didn't this song make it into the film? It's on YouTube.
  10. I have all of their albums except Presence and In Through the Out Door. I didn't like Presence, except for maybe one song. The latter is pretty good. I'll get it eventually. I also have The Song Remains the Same concert on DVD. I actually like the live versions of "Stairway to Heaven" and "The Song Remains the Same" better than the recording.
  11. One of my favorite Stooge shorts is "Goof on the Roof." Shemp is a riot. Moe is my favorite, though. Nothing is funnier when he gets it. Here is the full episode.
  12. "You can't be serious! The Tarantula won't go down In the Line of Fire!" Next: "__________ is a dish best served ____________"
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