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  1. It's one of my favorite movies, but this is a no brainer for me. The Wicked Witch of the West. She might be my all time favorite villain, with Maleficent from sleeping Beauty. I definitely have a thing for witches as antagonists though. 3 of my top 5 horror films are The Witch, Suspiria (original, I hate that I have to specify that), and Rosemary's Baby.
  2. Howard Hawks John Ford Steven Spielberg
  3. In this moment right now: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly The Godfather Conan the Barbarian Ask me next week and the last could be one of a few other films: Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Virgin Spring and original Suspira for example (I hate that I have to specify 'original' there). The first 2 are pretty solidly in place. Great to see Brief Encounter and The Professionals mentioned above.
  4. So I'm not a backlot member (don't really want to spend the money on it as I'd likely not take full advantage of much of it) but if any of you live in the South Hills I'd be interested whenever you may get together to go to Rowhouse or AMC Waterfront etc .. when they are showing old movies. If you do that sort of thing. Willing to split gas $. I live in Dormont. Happy movie watching, -Mark
  5. So, how much longer has your list grown in all these years since?!
  6. I remember going into this movie pretty sure Clara could pull off the It moniker, because i'd seen her in one movie soon before. Before I watched that one, I was wondering if she really was all she was cracked up to be. If I could pick her out of a scene with multiple actresses before she was the focus. Well, that was what happened and i did indeed immediately pick her out without issue. Then the camera singled her out and confirmed I was right. It think that was Get Your Man or Mantrap. She's just irresistible.
  7. If there is no music already accompanying, I listen without any at all.
  8. I was literally thinking of posting about this movie seconds before I saw this thread. I've thought since I first saw it that Stella Maris was a very underrated silent film. The first time I saw it I knew little to nothing about it but that Mary played the lead. Seriously, I had no freaking clue that she was in a dual role. She was so different in mannerisms and even look, it was maybe half way through before I had started thinking "wait, is that her in both roles?" The realization a shock. Ever since, she has been one of my all time favorites. Incredible work, one of the best perfor
  9. Clara Bow, no doubt about it. All she was cracked up to be as the It Girl. First movie I saw with her in it, she was in a scene with other actresses around her. I was wondering beforehand if I'd be able to pick her out of a crowd, actually. As soon as she was on screen, w/o the camera needing to focus on her, I knew it was her. There was no doubt.
  10. This was one of those viewing experiences for me where you just aren't at all prepared for how great something is you are about to watch, and then BAM, it hits you like a semi truck. I sat forward in my chair at that hallway scene unable to contain myself from the suspense before me. I'd give it more than 8/10 though, but great call on this one.
  11. I don't recall a time that they showed this, but it sure is good. I think I saw it via Netflix disc in the mail, actually, a few years ago.
  12. After first seeing this on Filmstruck (RIP) i remember putting this into my Criterion Channel queue and seeing it was something like an hour and a half-ish. I thought to myself 'but this movie was so epic'; I had a false memory of it being an hour or so longer than that. Not that I was bored at all, just the sheer epicness of it made me sure it had been much longer. I was never bored during this. Herzog's direction and Kinski don't let you be so.
  13. So, during the planning they really only detail the issues with the alarm device sensitivity. They say nothing about its actual coverage in the shop, nor the flat upstairs. That reveal is left for the heist itself. When they are then in the flat upstairs prior to starting to dig the floor, why in the world do they have to be so quiet? Especially so much so that, when one of them taps a piano key, they all react like it could have triggered the alarm. I can see them just getting into proper focus, but to react like the alarm will trigger via general noise in the apartment, that can't be po
  14. I just love this film, it's easily my personal favorite of his. Sucks me in like few other films can. Just a heart wrenching scent in the woods, I feel terrible for Karin every time, and anger at the criminals myself.
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