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  1. *#114* "Mark my words! Springtime for Hitler will be a huge hit someday and you'll be sorry you passed up this chance!"
  2. *#111* "You know me. I'd forget my head if it wasn't attac... HEY! WAIT A MINUTE!"
  3. *#111* "Tell Estee Lauder that there's something terribly wrong with her new vanishing cream!"
  4. I'm going into an extremely busy weekend, so the thread is open to anyone wanting to post a question.
  5. *108* "Personally, Fred, I think cavity searches should be done in a little more private area."
  6. *104* "Gee, Mr. Bronsky, guitar lessons would be so much easier if we had a real guitar!"
  7. Could be a simple one: "The Star of Rhodesia is one of the most famous of the Earth's treasures. First touched by the fingers of the humble kaffan (?), would have been better if it had been never found. For all those who possessed it came to sudden and violent death."
  8. I'll be back later with another one. Had to work today and have some business to take care of first.
  9. Obviously, *Pee Wee's Big Adventure*. with Paul Reubens.
  10. *103* "... then this must be FELT! HA!HA!HA!" (American Hot Wax reference)
  11. AN APARTMENT FOR PEGGY next: weird concoction
  12. Is it Edna Mae Oliver in *Drums Along the Mohawk*?
  13. *102* "Right there, Mr. Benny. There's the dime you dropped."
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