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  1. OK, this is definitely the last clue: The director's last name is the same as a famous inventor and a president, the male lead's nickname was Duke, and it was filmed in Ireland. (Probably will be shown on St. Patrick's Day.)
  2. Last clue: The famous director's older brother was also in this film filmed in a foreign country.
  3. Well, if no one else is going to answer this one: *Barefoot in the Park* next: Wells Fargo wagon
  4. The father of the two children is the male lead and the children are a boy and a girl. The boy appeared in other films with his father.
  5. Nope, not *Big Jake*. One set of brothers are well known to classic movie fans. The other set of brothers are not as well known and are overshadowed by their sister, who is also in this film. And, it's not a western, although the male and female leads (as well as many of the supporting actors) appeared in several westerns together.
  6. The related people are the actors, not the characters. And it's not *The Long Riders* - although one of the stars is known for his Westerns.
  7. *95* Henry? I thought this was a John Ford western!
  8. Thanks, Now for an easy one. This film featured two sets of brothers and a father and his two children, as well as more relations not stated here. It's a classic!
  9. Just a guess out of the blue, but was it FDR trying to change Thanksgiving to the 3rd Thursday in November - which confused the turkey on the calendar in *Holiday Inn*?
  10. *Casanova Brown* The guys perished shod for hiking
  11. Just back for the night - family emergency. It's a romantic comedy with male and female leads well known in that genre. The lines spoken aren't by the male lead. The object to be looked at is an infant in a stroller. If you can't get it, feel free to start a new one and I'll provide the answer when I can.
  12. I have to be away from the internet for a few days, so I'll leave the thread open until I can get back, If anyone guesses correctly before then, figure out whose turn it is with the interim poster.
  13. I guess when you live in a small snowbound midwestern town (like me), you tend to buy into the fantasy more readily.
  14. Didn't Doc and Paul meet at the bandshell in Central Park?
  15. He: "What happened with that wealthy gentleman?" He 2:"The wedding was last July!" He: "How did it work out?" He2: "Take a look."
  16. *Jamaica Inn* Edie's barbecue nosh
  17. And I forgot to add *Breakfast at Tiffany's*. :0
  18. Yeah. Not only would it have looked like a TV production if done on the backlots, you wouldn't have had the fantastic chase scene. I remember watching it in the 5th row at a local theater and felt like I was on a rollercoaster during that scene.
  19. How about *An Affair to Remember*, *Miracle on 34th Street* and *King Kong*? Edited by: CharlieT on Feb 6, 2010 10:22 PM
  20. Not to be picky, but it was David Warner who played Jack the Ripper in *Time After Time*.
  21. *O' Brother, Where Art Thou*. George Clooney to a group of bums riding in the boxcar that he and "Delmar" finally managed to get into prior to "Pete" falling and dragging them out.
  22. *Dambusters* next: April, May and June outside Denver
  23. Just my humble opinion, but I thought Robin Williams deserved the Oscar for *Dead Poet's Society* and *Good Morning, Vietnam*. I guess no one took him seriously until *Good Will Hunting*. I also think Sylvester Stallone deserved on for Actor in *Rocky* - quite possibly the only time he ever "acted" in a movie.
  24. So close... that would be the goal of a ....?
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