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  1. Going to a XXX movie is a great idea - unless you're PeeWee Herman. LOL
  2. This movie is so obscure that Leonard Maltin didn't even include it in his 2003 Movie and Video Guide. It was "Cactus in the Snow" released in 1972 and starred Richard Thomas as a young soldier trying to lose his virginity the night before being shipped out to Vietnam. After failing with several of the wrong type of women, he meets a girl who truly cares about him, but fails in his mission when her parents come home unexpectedly. As he gets on the bus to leave for deployment, she asks him his name - which he hadn't told her yet. The door closes as he mouths his name. *Spoiler alert* At the end
  3. Nice try, duffylab - but no. Clue #2 - Harry Davenport and the king's knife.
  4. Sorry it took so long to get back. Sleep and work tend to cut into internet time. Here goes. Clue #1 - Cedric Hardwicke and a goat.
  5. It's no big deal, but if it bothers you, Sheldon, just use the Spell Check at the top of the message box. Hey! Hasn't anybody ever seen "Song of Norway?" Any movie that matches Oscar Holmolka and Edward G. Robinson with Florence Henderson and a cast of Scandinavian unknowns to tell the story of Edvard Grieg's life is just asking for it. The music is fantastic (if you're a classical music fan) and the scenery is great, but the acting and plot resemble David Orick's 7 lb. wonder. They suck big time. And if that's not enough, the playing time is close to 3 hours. Sad to say, but I suffer
  6. I'm impressed with all of the names listed on this thread so far, but a little surprised that no one has mentioned one of my favorites - Bing Crosby. His speech often reflected his tone and texture he used to croon those old standards that made him one of the greatest singers of all time. Another that I haven't seen here is Chill Wills. Distinctive enough to make a mule of himself. Let's face it, sometimes the voice could be as big a star-maker as looks or that undefinable quality known as "it."
  7. I agree that they shouldn't be showing those "God-awful" movies, although that I enjoy watching some of them myself. That doesn't mean that they should be on TCM. The last thing I want to see is all of us becoming movie snobs. Without the Billy Jack movies and others of that ilk, we couldn't appreciate the nuances of the true classics - like Dean Martin's "Matt Helm" series. (Please note tongue firmly planted in cheek.) By the way, my favorite God-awful movie is "Song of Norway." Beautiful music and scenery, but that's about it.
  8. Welcome, movielover11. I, too, am newly registered to this site and I can only echo the sentiments about these message boards that you've expressed. There are a lot of knowledgeable movie fans that show their expertise in friendly conversation, rather than confrontation that seems to be the nature of other sites I've visited. So far, I've wasted several hours cruising past threads and getting a feel for the style used here and I like it. It's hard for me to choose one particular actor out of all of the wonderful professionals that graced the silver screen. Mostly, I have to claim likin
  9. It is definitely "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." Lloyd Nolan plays the cop. James Dunn is the father. Dorothy McGuire plays the mother. This a wonderful movie and usually garners four stars.
  10. I agree with mongo. It sounds like "House on Haunted Hill" although some of the details listed are different. This happens to me when it's a movie I haven't seen for a long time.
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