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  1. She:"And will you have the orchestra play 'Isn't It Romantic'? He: "Naturally."
  2. *Stella Dallas* next: Monkey wrench thrower
  3. Sounds like Bill Murray in *Groundhog Day*... how appropriate.
  4. "If you put the scissors under the bed, it'll cut the pain in half..." Wasn't that Bufferfly McQueen in *Gone With the Wind*? (and I thought it was a knife.) Sorry, DYF, no clue on yours.
  5. "Ladies and gentlemen, with your kind attention and permission, I have the honor of presenting to you one of the most remarkable men in the world." "How remarkable? He's sweating!"
  6. Why, yes indeed, it is *Trapped in Paradise*. Nicholas Cage says this to Jon Lovitz, his pathological liar brother. His kleptomaniac brother is played by Dana Carvey using his "Mickey Rourke" face.
  7. The Oscar winning lead actor has a famous uncle and aunt in the business. He's a director and she acts. All three have different last names (at least they are known by differing names).
  8. I have to give you guys credit for effort, but, no , it's not *Quick Change*. The three actors mentioned played brothers and the actress who portrayed their mother was also active in TV sitcoms.
  9. Well, Wilford Brambell was actually playing Paul's grandfather, but that's nitpicking.
  10. You are correct. It's the first spoken dialogue in the movie (I checked my DVD prior to posting) - your thread.
  11. Nope, not *Christmas Vacation*, but you've nailed the correct live TV series that the two actors found fame. But, it wasn't Chevy Chase or Randy Quaid or Brian Doyle Murray. This movie was about a crime and the repercussions that ensued. Not *Groundhog's Day*, either. You got the right holiday the first time.
  12. This is the opening dialogue for a very well-known film.
  13. First speaker: "Hey, Pardon me for asking, but who's the little old man?" Second speaker: "What little old man?" First speaker: "That little old man." Second speaker: "That's me grandfather."
  14. *From Dusk Till Dawn* next: pachyderm perambulation
  15. Sounds like *Practical Magic* starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.
  16. It's not the 1872 (?) classic *Last Tango in Paris*. This comedy starred a best actor Academy Award winner and two regulars on a live TV comedy series who used the series to make a foray into motion pictures. The movie is a holiday themed picture.
  17. Here's one: "Liar, liar, pants on fire. Nose as long as a telephone wire!"
  18. Well, then how about Bud Abbott to Lou Costello in... um, gee, just about anything they did? ? *Buck Privates*?
  19. How about Edgar Buchanan. *Hopalong Cassidy* (40 episodes), *Judge Roy Bean* (39 episodes) and *Petticoat Junction* (195 episodes)?
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