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  1. What do you mean by "regular roles" in TV series? How many episodes? William Schallert was in more series than you can shake a stick at (with significant roles in *The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis*, *The Patty Duke Show* and *The Torkelson's*). But I don't think he fits in the movie part of the question.
  2. *Two Guys From Milwaukee* next: incarcerated in Eden
  3. *#92* "God, I hate banjo music!"
  4. Movie title is taken from a song title.
  5. Yes, you were correct. Just to get the ball rolling, I'll guess... Rosalind Russell in *His Girl Friday*?
  6. *91* "I'm not sure, but I think it's one small step for man."
  7. *The Plough and the Stars* next: Prescious offspring of gold digger, belonging to me Edited by: CharlieT on Jan 15, 2010 6:25 PM
  8. Character A is a small town southern lawyer Character B is his son Character C is a crotchety old lady who may or may not have a Confederate pistol on her person Character D is a younger boy whose character was based on a famous author Any guesses?
  9. Character B, a juvenile, was making his comment to Character D, who was visiting for the summer.
  10. Character A's next line compares Character C's flowers to the Gardens of Belingrade.
  11. *#91* "OK, two vote we're on the Moon, two vote we're at the bottom of the ocean, and Freddy thinks we're at the bottom of the ocean on the Moon... good one, Freddy."
  12. Character A: "My, you look like a picture today." Character B (aside): "He don't say a picture of what."
  13. I first ran into this dance at a formal dance in jr. high school and it was called "The Grand March" then. It went OK until we got to eights, then fell apart. Hey, we were just kids.
  14. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in *Men In Black*?
  15. I won't have time to figure out this entire answer, but I'll donate the obvious one - June Lockhart playing daughter to both here parents, Gene and Kathleen, in *A Christmas Carol* (1938).
  16. "I'll knock your block off, you big stiff! You're a bum!"
  17. Jean Seberg - Ex-father-in-law Charles FitzSimons
  18. *Penny Serenade* next: Tallying those who fear the wild canine of Roanoke
  19. Danny Kaye did play cornet-playing Red Nichols in *The Five Pennies*. Perhaps this is where you got them mixed up. I always thought that *The Horn Blows at Midnight* was set on New Year's Eve, but found out I was wrong the last time I saw it.
  20. *A Guy Named Joe* next: Scottish girl, return to your domicile.
  21. *88* "Really, Gloria, Tai Chi is not a spectator sport."
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