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  1. Edward Woodward, who recently passed away, portrayed the Ghost of Christmas Present in the 1984 version of *A Christmas Carol* starring George C. Scott. What wardrobe adjustments had to be made for him to fill this role?
  2. Yes, it's *A Tree Grows In Brooklyn*. It's Neely's response when Francie says he sweet.
  3. Nope, not *Min and Bill*. This movie is based on a well-read book.
  4. OK, here's an easy one. What movie ends with the line, "Aw, cut the mush!"
  5. Yes, indeed, it was *Sleepless in Seattle*. Meg Ryan's listening to Roy Roger's Jingle Bells in her car and Gene Autrey's Back in the Saddle Again plays for Tom Hanks' return to the dating game.
  6. Nope, not *Semi-Tough*. The movie has a "holiday" theme.
  7. With the Christmas season coming upon us, it should be remembered that Edward Woodward also appeared as The Ghost of Christmas Present in the George C. Scott version of *A Christmas Carol*.
  8. In a newer movie, songs by Roy Rogers and Gene Autrey were heard, but it wasn't a Western. What movie was it?
  9. *Boy Meets Girl* and *Hollywood Hotel*?
  10. OK Movie: _ _ R I _ _ _ A _ I _ C _ _ _ E _ _ I C _ _
  11. My two favorites - Mongo (Alex Karras) knocking out a horse in *Blazing Saddles* and Spanky McFarland punching Franklin Pangborn in the nose in *Wild Poses*.
  12. *Witness For The Prosecution* Movie: _ _ _ I _ _ _ A _ _ _ C _ _ _ E _ _ I _ _ _
  13. A clue? The breed is the same as a famous Disney dog.
  14. Please go ahead - I'm kinda busy on a couple of other threads.
  15. *Shaft*? Half a dozen earns a Chinese appetizer
  16. That's correct, but what was its breed?
  17. Go ahead. I have a hard enough time posting a single line reply here.
  18. I'm surprised no one has mentioned *Bang The Drum Slowly*.
  19. A clue? The Brody's lived on Amity Island.
  20. This could be a tough one. What kind of a dog did Martin and Ellen Brody own?
  21. No, finance. It was *You Can't Take It With You*.
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