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  1. I know this movie could fall under a couple forums, from Romantic Comedy to Dark Cult, TCM my favorite network, has it scheduled to air, Friday, Jan 17th at 9:45 pm. Of course I will be watching. I would love to hear more opinions about George and Martha and their blonde haired, " blue or green" eyed "son"! So many??? With this movie! Watch and see!
  2. My favorite Romantic Comedy, Bob and Carol & Ted and Alice! Hilarious! Can't wait for TCM to show it again!
  3. Thank you for your input, George and Martha have such a love, hate relationship that you have to listen to the undertones to what they say to each other and decide whether or not it really happened or is it just another one of their sick games they like to play! I would have to put this movie in a category of it's own! What that is, I do not know!
  4. That totally makes sense to me! Virginia Woolf was the game or song Martha sang "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" at the party they had just attended! I suspected that the son was a character in a book that George was writing and he killed him off in the end due to his anger towards Martha for what he saw going on in the upstairs bedroom! Thank you for your response!
  5. That's funny, I think Martha and George remind us of friends or family members that are disfunctional! Thank you for your response!
  6. Sorry, I'm a newbie confused about what forum to put this movie in! Would like to properly categorize this movie so that I can talk to someone about shedding some light on Martha and George's son!
  7. I love this movie, but I can't figure out whether or not their son is for real, is Martha's green eyed Daddy the father? Or is their blond haired green or blue eyed son a fictitious character in a book that George is writing! I think Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are amazing in this movie, you would almost believe their was really liqueur in those glasses they kept refilling throughout the movie! Could someone shed some light on the whole "son" part of this great movie! Thank you, MicChow
  8. I am a huge fan of the movie Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf. I have probably watched it 5 to 6 times. My question for discussion is about Martha (Elizabeth Taylor) and George (Richard Burton), and their son. Their blond haired green eyed son, Martha insist his eyes are green like Daddy's, George says his eyes are blue. Is "Daddy" Martha's dad maybe the father, or is he a fictitious character in a book that George is writing and has him swerving his car to avoid hitting a porcupine and hits a tree and kills him off in the end of the book? I just can't figure out their whole "son" part of the m
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