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  1. Maybe they can replace the statue with Navigation chart, dividers, a globe, etc., etc. Honor the accomplishment of the feat of his voyage, not the man. Similar to the monument to Benedict Arnold's leg wound at Saratoga.
  2. It doesn't matter what Eddie says, Czar or not, it's partially subjective.
  3. In 'Vicky" the remake of "I Wake Up Screaming", and "The Garment Jungle" and maybe "I Bury The Living"
  4. Guilty Bystander (1950), with Max Thursday featured in four or five detective novels, were all located in San Diego, but in the film based on Guilty Bystander the action was all relocated to Brooklyn.
  5. Films Noir go from the mid 1930s to the present. You can even point to a few proto Noir before the 1930s. French Poetic Realist Noir mid 1930s to WWII, Classic British Noir from 1938 to early 1960s, Classic Hollywood Noir from 1940 to 1959 and this is where the majority of Noir Alley films are drawn from, Classic French Noir after WWII. Transitional Noir from 1959 to 1969. Neo Noir from 1969 to the present. Other International Noir can vary by county. Bound is Neo Noir and not in the TCM Library so it would cost money for TCM to screen it.
  6. I wouldn't get my hopes up to much, I remember reading that a lot of the cut material was in just extended scenes of stuff we've already seen. Like one of the dinner scenes. I don't think we'll get completely new stuff for the most part. X your fingers, lol.
  7. Anybody watch Ladies in Retirement, the other day, another Victorian Era Noir. I've caught parts of it before, so it was all fresh.
  8. Yeah he sucks as an actor, the establishing shots were NYC, but it was obviously shot in the UK.
  9. I really enjoyed HBOs reboot of Perry Mason, the recreation on 1920's-1930s Loa Angeles, and Angels Flight was amazing. The scenario is Perry is. P.I. working on a child murder case for a lawyer E.B. who's secretary is Della Street. The Lawyer commits suicide a couple of episodes in and Perry passes the bar exam and takes over.. I've never read any of Earl Stanley Gardiner's novels so it was all fresh for me. It was well worth the $20 and change to buy the series streaming. A nice Noir-ish way to pass the time till the next Noir Alley. BTW, Eddie didn't mention the longer cut o
  10. DC and Puerto Rico would be nice.
  11. Meaning they won't get away with the same BS that happened in DC.
  12. The Third Man is an excellent International Film Noir. The fact that some of the dialog is in other languages only adds to it's American fish out of water disorientation, in a similar way that Dutch angles, high and low angle shots disorientate it accentuates the films Noir-ness. If Reed would have added subtitles some cretins would be complaining about that. It is one of the greatest Film Noirs.
  13. Thompson, going out of your way to be obnoxious? It's working.
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