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  1. Andy Robinson, was a great villain, surprised he didn't have a bigger career in film.
  2. I like villains who are shown as real people, screwed up for sure but real people. El Indio in For A Few Dollars More, for example was a fully fleshed out madman. Sergio Leone did the same for Lee Van Cleef. If you watch him in his 1950's Westerns whenever he was used as a villain he was often used as screaming hot head who though looking menacing didn't last long. Leone had him slow down his lines and used his face, Van Cleef called it " his beady-eyed sneer" to ooze menace.
  3. Bad as in it's so bad it's good?
  4. If it tips that way for you it probably is and for others too. I'll give it a shot if I find it.
  5. I watched Parasite on DVD last night. It was entertaining enough to keep me interested. I give it an 8/10.
  6. I'll try and remember to watch, don't remember if I saw it as a kid.
  7. No but I saw a small image of it.
  8. Yes, at least in that story line he does Laura Parker in real time instead of on Martinique. 😉
  9. The 1995 trip was a short storyline where Barnabas and Julia found the "new" house in ruins, and everyone gone save Carolyn and Stokes. Carolyn BTW was off her rocker. My least favorite storylines were Adam, the Leviathans, and the Bramwell/lottery ones.
  10. That I'd have to check couldn't say for sure.
  11. I can give you a breakdown on the two films when I get back to my computer.
  12. "This is why I asked: It could be great to see just a breakdown by time-period (the year(s) the film is set in), but that would take a lot of research." That's a problem there also because a lot of Westerns were anachronistic to their supposed time periods. You'll see Colt .45 Peacemakers in the late 1860's when they where available post 1872 if I remember right, and lots of Winchester rifles when they should be Henrys. Some steam locomotives are anachronistic also if you know what to look for.
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