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  1. I remember a favorite watering hole on US 2 at the state line between Montana and Idaho. it was called the Lil' Opry Hall. There were these two brothers who were real bums. The Waters brothers. I liked to sit drink and observe things. I watched these guys like clockwork graze the tables left unoccupied guzzling down whatever drinks were left on the table by dancers and wolfing down leftover food and unfinished pizza slices. If you weren't paying attention you never noticed them doing it. I also got a confirmation by a girl friend of mine, on their practice of never washing dishes.
  2. Forget the plot it can be enjoyed as a gogo girl ballet with a horror theme. The print I watched was pristine. If you like interpretive dance and enjoy topless women like any red-blooded American male, it's a good time waster.
  3. Day of The Outlaw The Last Hunt Track of the Cat Nightfall The Great Silence The Pink Panther
  4. If they are a citizen of the city and pay taxes why not?
  5. He was Jewish, born Joe Yule if I remember right Tiki.
  6. Probably an optical illusion, his equipment just looked big. The opposite of this are the poor schmucks that body build and then look in the mirror and discover that they now got schmekels (not sure if that spelling is correct). Any Yiddish speakers on the boards?
  7. Too bad they didn't have the balls to go with the real ending.
  8. Black & White Version to be released. Nightmare Alley
  9. Pretty sure it is. I haven't seen it in a long time though
  10. It looked like one of those cheap carny stuffed animals, Baron probably picked it up in a Time Square Playland arcade. It wasn't gonna be a Gund out of F.A.O. Schwartz., Lol. That budget was small.
  11. Checking the action, cleaning and oiling it. He also took the bullet out of a cartridge emptied out the gunpowder and then put it in the cylinder and checked the strike indentation of the firing pin.
  12. Her eyes look a little to close together, no?
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