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  1. Actually, I can only recall seeing two colorized early JW movies: Angel and the Badman and Shepherd of the Hills. At one time, I had recorded almost all of his early movies including the two above, all in B&W. A forced relocation due to health left them all behind. It seemed to me the music was the same in all of his early B westerns.
  2. I admit being wrong about the singing. I just assumed kit was him because it was so horrible. Seemed like they would have gotten someone who could sing. As far as the dubbing, I'm not hearing it. I can't tell anything is other than the actors.
  3. Admittedly, I'm not as knowledgeable as most here, but what evidence is there that these early films were completely redubbed? I wouldn't expect a 30's version to sound like a 60 year old after another 30 years of smoking. The 'Singing Sandy' bits also seemed genuine. Until Lone Star offered these, I had never seen them, so I was grateful for the restorations.
  4. With respect to westerns, in most cases the guns were real. You can Google "5-in-1 blank" cartridges, so named because they fit five of the prevalent calibers. They could be loaded with varying charges of either black or smokeless powder depending on the report and smoke desired. They did not contain lead projectiles. One search result was on the True West website but I had used my three, free articles. https://truewestmagazine.com/hollywoods-5-in-1-movie-blank/
  5. About 40 minutes into Of Mice & Men (1939), the ranch owner does this at the dinner table with Betty Field and Tom Steele. Tom Steele then does the same. Steele's manners, in particular, irks Betty Field.
  6. That's some serious terraforming since the ship came to rest with a background of snow covered mountains!
  7. I remember seeing it, too. There's a good chance it could have been on pre-2002 AMC.
  8. Black powder, realistic for the western era, definitely produces a lot of smoke. I did see something on a recent episode of The Explosions Show where some sort of capsules, fired similar to paintballs, gave impressive impacts when they impact. I had always assumed these were individually placed and triggered squibs.
  9. Having seen them in movies, but never in real life, I always assumed they were only in big cities like New York.
  10. I was including the remake of Monte Walsh, Crossfire Trail and Last Stand at Saber River in the best category. Also enjoyable were The Sackets and The Shadow Riders.
  11. I think Tom Selleck has made some of the best westerns. Only wish he had made more of them.
  12. I initially thought it was ridiculous when I heard Marisa Tomei would play Edith. She nailed it! Her portrayal was the most accurate of all the characters.
  13. Is it just me or does it seem like a preponderance of '50's police cars and ambulances in old shows are Nash?
  14. You're right. I didn't look past the header. Thanks
  15. I copied the link and edited: https://www.tcm.com/schedule/monthly.html?tz=cst&sdate=2020-02-01 Still brings up January. Did I misunderstand? Thanks again
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