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  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only person out there who thought this stuff! I didn't catch the essentials, but I have noticed before that I did not like Molly Haskel. Or however you spell her name. She just doesn't really seem to be enjoying herself. It seems that Mr. Osborne has to pry answers out of her and that it's a fake conversation. Does anyone know how long these certain programmers usu stay on? I've been on tcm for about a year and a half, so...
  2. Just out of blatant curiosity, was Cary Grant a fan of Elvis? I was watching an Elvis documentary, and I saw Cary in the audience of one of Elvis' Vegas shows. I love both guys, and I think that would be a cool connection... If anyone has any info, it would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!
  3. I don't think I would mind being poisoned!!! But only to wake up to that.
  4. Where is the Philadelphia Story? Some of those movies aren't even COMEDIES!!! Was the point to get good comedies? Or good movies with a bit of comedy in them? Or just plain bad movies?! AHH!!! Who is in charge of these things?! And I'm sorry to put on a more modern vote, but where is ferris bueller's day off? Hilarious! How did they compile this list? What is the world coming to?
  5. Right off the bat, many scenes in Notorious some scenes in Casablanca telephone scene in It's a Wonderful Life and...
  6. Gordon Macrae in Oklahoma. When he comes in through the corn singing oh what a beautiful morning...
  7. The ones so far are great! I just felt I had to add july andrews in sound of music. There are others, I guess I have some hw to do!
  8. RetroBrittz (and all other little people like myself), Keep the faith. Those in our schools who will look down upon our magnificent obsession have no idea what they are missing out on.
  9. When Elvis sang he was so intoo it, in a "hard" way. Very passionate and letting the entire world know. When Bing sang, the atmosphere was like, say, New Years Day, and while every one else was partying, he was singing about how awe inspired he was with life. You know, that sort calm goose-bump inspiration hitting your heart. And then, sometimes he would do that in a lively way. You get what I'm saying? When Sinatra sang, it was like he was in fairy land, had just asked a girl out, and she said yes. That sort'a dreaming look. Of course none of this is ALWAYS true, but alot of it was.
  10. Movielover11, that is so sweet! Now I feel bad. I guess I don't mind his voice THAT much after all.
  11. Oh goodness, please don't make me decde! I like sinatra's voice best, but Bing is great too! And Elvis, well, he rocks my sox off! I might end up choosing elvis, but I would feel so torn and guilty!
  12. Does anyone know why Brando didn't get voice lessons or something? Did no one tell him?! Maybe he thought it gave him uniqueness or something. I guess it proves that sometimes being different is not good. P.S. I still love him though!
  13. While I wasn't their when the movie came out (so I don't know the initial reaction) I do know that many now believe that Brando was miscast. Then again, some think that it was a good job by brando because it was so NOT him, but he did an ok job anyway.
  14. About two years ago I rented Robin Hood (1938) and I really enjoyed it. Then, last year for spring break, we needed some movies for our road trip. I was flipping through the tv guide and found that robin hood was on on tcm. I ran to record it. I watched it again, and I was stuck. Honestly, the reason I got into tcm was that I fell in love with Errol Flynn and just wanted to see more of his movies. (I guess it helped a little bit that spring break is in March and Flynn was April?s star of the month. HeHeHe) But then of course you see other people in his movies, say Olivia, and you like
  15. I guess these two movies prove how essential perfect casting is. I mean, Hepburn was born to play Tracy Lord, but can you see her as, say, Melanie Hamilton in GWTW? I don't know about most of you, but I certainly can't. Even though she is a great actress, everyone has their speciality. High Society was simply the same story as the Philiadelphia Story but told differently. Sorry Bing, but if I had to choose between the older you and the younger sinatra... As for Grant vs. Stewart, it would be a harder choice. Not that I dislike Bing in any way, but the age diff was a bit hard to get past
  16. The first to come to my mind were debbie reynold sand olivia deHavilland. But there are more...
  17. Thank ya'll so much! This was very informative. By the way, I really appreciate all the people on this board. I look forward to coming on here every day, and I guess it must be because of ya'll. Thanks alot!
  18. Does anyone prefer high society? A single soul?
  19. Does anyone know when tcm started? Why it started? I have been hooked on tcm for over a year now, but I have no idea of the answer to the preceding questions.
  20. I enjoy the classic with a modern twist. However much we do despise it, we ARE in the 21st century now. I guess you never realize how old things look until you've seen something from now and then look at something from, say, 10 years ago. The other day I was viewing an animating hand done movie, and I thought the graphics looked much older than I remember. That's all thanks to pixar. The point I'm trying to make is that you might say "oh, this is toooo modern", but then if you look back, you realize how old ads made, say, 5 years ago look. As long as TCM keeps showing classic movies, I'l
  21. AH! I spelled cheery wrong! Sorry.
  22. I was just wondering yall's opinions about which movie got what. This is a list of winners. # MOVIE YEAR 1 IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE 1946 2 TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD 1962 3 SCHINDLER'S LIST 1993 4 ROCKY 1976 5 MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON 1939 6 E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL 1982 7 THE GRAPES OF WRATH 1940 8 BREAKING AWAY 1979 9 MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET 1947 10 SAVING PRIVATE RYAN 1998 11 THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES 1946 12 APOLLO 13 1995 13 HOOSIERS 1986 14 THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI 1957 15 THE MIRACLE WORKER 1962 16 NORMA RAE 1979 17 ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S N
  23. Wait! Sorry, I found it! Thanks anyway!
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