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  1. I wanted to look up info re "Extras" which according to one listing aired early Tues Sep 28 (5:30AM or so??) but realize that monthly listing has changed to October and September has disappeared. How can I find the Sept calendar and/or info on Extras airing? Thanks.
  2. Looking for any info on it...lots of fantasy southern belles in period recreations and (seriously) "merry" slaves! Coudn't find in monthly listings, thought monthly used to include those short in-between pieces.
  3. Very Interesting! Debuting without much fanfare. Where do I find MovieCollectorOH's List, please?
  4. I was so surprised to see this film turn up on TCM's list of Friday afternoon outdoor adventure films! Has it EVER aired on TCM before? I ask because it's a favorite film of mine (Rita and Oliver Reed at their best) and a couple years ago I asked a friend if she could locate a copy ANYWHERE. She finally found me a digital copy but with German subtitles....and I have thought it a treasure to have because I haven't found it anywhere else! Anyone know how it found it's way to TCM and will it be regularly available now?? Thanks!
  5. Thanks so much for the link!!! I found and watched it immediately...what a riot, you actually get to see his Goodbye Girl Oscar in the fridge! Also filled in a few blanks for me on his career.
  6. In Richard Dreyfuss commentary on TCM airing of Goodbye Girl, he commented that he kept his Oscar in his refrigerator until "that thing with you (Ben Manchowitz) on CBS". What WAS that "thing" on CBS???
  7. I so much enjoyed the Guest Programmer 2008 Alex Trebek introduction to Wuthering Heights, complete with photographs of his trip to Haworth and the moors where he picked heather - as I did exactly on my own first trip to England! But I missed Alex's end comments which he referenced in his opening; it's a shame they didn't use them. Is there anywhere I can see the Alex's complete guest programmer comments from 2008? I have found some guest programmer comments online, but none earlier than 2013. Thanks for any help.
  8. I was delighted to see Coming Home listed as airing early Tuesday 5/26--but I found out late, and tuned in after the opening commentary; and then had the additional bad luck to fall asleep just short of the end. I thought I would be able to catch the commentary later in the selection of on demand titles online, but no luck. Can anyone fill me in on what I missed in opening and closing commentary, and who was the host? ALSO: I can't seem to find the movie anywhere online for rent or purchase; having seen it once after so long, would love to see it again! Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. What was that black and white 1940's short featuring Frank Sinatra shown between Dorian Gray and Here to Eternity today? Couldn't find it in Turner listings. Appreciate any info; only caught 2nd half of it. Thanks.
  10. Brand new here so not even sure if this is the best place to post! Let me know if there is a better place. Can anyone help?! The 2 "Pets on Sets" films related to cats disappeared from the viewing library at: https://www.tcm.com/watchtcm/films much sooner than I thought they would, and I am searching for the intro and exit remarks for both movies: Bell, Book and Candle and Harry and Tonto (both aired on Dec 11 Wed). I thought I was "safe" until the dog films of the previous week (Dec 04) had been pulled, because the library items used to disappear chronologically. But now it'
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