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  1. Dargo : I watch ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS reruns at least once a week, late at night. That show often had surprising actor appearances. And HITCHCOCK's appearances at the beginandend are wonderful. Back in the '70s, there were YOU BET YOUR LIFE reruns; I remember seeing PHYLLIS DILLER appear before she was famous. GROUCHO MARX is definitely in the top tier of cool.
  2. Cool! I admit to avoiding KINGS ROW because of the two male leads, "where's the rest of me?" But that's got ANN SHERIDAN also, no? I love ANN SHERIDAN .
  3. I had not seen PETER LORRE play such a "heavy" in any movie I can think of; his fiendish mad men murderers are never "heavies" pushin' people around... it is definitely a product of the machine. What a treat to see all that talent in one "B" movie (though with BOGIE I know it was no "B"). Think "B" as in Bad! Though it comes across quite "B". Low rent. LOVED it. I now know who KAAREN VERNE is (apparently one of LORRE's wives!)
  4. HUMPHREY BOGART movies? I watched one tonight I had not seen: ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT (1942) with a fantastic cast including CONRAD VEIDT, FRANK McHUGH, WILLIAM DEMAREST, JACKIE GLEASON, PHIL SILVERS... and PETER LORRE !!! It was stupid and fast paced, implausible and fun, made the same year as CASABLANCA (and not nearly as great). Today is CONRAD VEIDT's birthday and as TCM is wont to do, they showed CONRAD VEIDT movies all afternoon. I really enjoyed ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT!
  5. I like all of the hosts, except Ben as members here probably know. Sometimes TCM shows BUSTER KEATON's THE GENERAL (1926) which is a delight and one of the best films made.
  6. I watched this "European cut". Whatever version it was, it was a lot better and much longer than the chopped salad I watched 35 years ago. I still think there are aspects to the script that are implausible and unconvincing, yet there are some stunning sequences that are definitely for the diehard movie fan.
  8. Probably my earliest TV memory was THE PATTY DUKE SHOW when it was new! It was a lot of fun.
  9. THE INK SPOTS Greatest Hits THE DELFONICS Love Songs
  10. I thought ABC did a good job recreating that episode recently...
  11. I think I LOVE LUCY is the best of TV. THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW is second best (there's no real "southern" stereotypes in that show, though it was "old fashioned" when new). Third and my own favorite show is THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW. You all have great insight.
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