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  1. Trump's election lies are part of a much broader strategy. Here's how it works "...From the moment he took office, Trump has used his powerful platform — and the outsized megaphone that goes with the presidency — to create an alternative reality in which his truth is as good as anyone else’s truth, even if it isn’t exactly, well, true. The idea was that if he cast doubt on information put forth by society’s traditional arbiters — the scientists, the experts, the judges, the journalists — it would leave ordinary Americans rudderless and uncertain what to believe. If every “expert” who disag
  2. Great. You are over 50... I think we agree; the point is some lose some win. Acceptance is part of the process.
  3. No; I'm just too young to have VOTED for NIXON or CARTER. In any case, my remark was just illustrative.
  4. I wonder how many millions of people were unhappy REAGAN won... I wonder how many millions of people were unhappy CLINTON won... I wonder how many millions of people were unhappy BUSH won... I wonder how many millions of people were unhappy OBAMA won... Not once in my lifetime though, was our democracy undermined due to LIES by the President... until now. Loss is part of the political process; all true Americans know this. Trump = Uncle Scam.
  5. MICHAEL CAINE (as cited above) had admitted starring in a "lot of sh!t".
  6. BERLINGER had a prominent role in the made-for-TV film THE GIRL MOST LIKELY TO (which starred STOCKARD CHANNING).
  7. Keep counting. By the time you're done, counting each of your anecdotal incidents which I'd give ya, it's still paltry compared to the millions of Americans that voted for JOE BIDEN because this is America. No kings allowed.
  8. ... I expect you're right... except he did play Jaggers in the Hollywood GREAT EXPECTATIONS before reprising Jaggers in the DAVID LEAN 1946 version...
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