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  1. I was listening to AOR by the mid '70s, seguing to lots of Prog and by the end of the decade Punk and/or New Wave. By 1980 I was looking for OOP albums that were always hard to find. I remember the DJs you refer to, there were 2 main AOR stations out of NYC, one was WPLJ the other probably WNEW and DJs like Carol Miller or Scott Muni ("Scottso") lots of others...
  2. The first album I bought myself was ELTON JOHN ...I was 11 or 12... I also bought a lot of WINGS, and Greatest Hits collections of many artists, stuff now I am less inclined to listen to. In my youth, I listened to MOR and Oldies radio.
  3. I was over WINGS At The Speed Of Sound for decades because of that song - more sugar-coated sincerity. Ick. I had listened to the album for months not too long ago. I actually like the Paul not singing songs, and the song I once thought well of "Beware My Love" is indeed overlong. "Silly Love Songs" does have a terrific bass line and has not worn out as much as I'd have expected after all this time. "Let 'Em In" I owned on 45 before the album, still like it.
  4. I was never a big WHO fan, though I had 3 or 4 on vinyl, the only one I had to own on CD was Who's Next. There aren't too many that had a record like that for me that holds up forever.
  5. That's what I was listening to and the "bonus" selections were wisely left off of that perfect record.
  6. One of the very greatest Rock n' Roll albums : THE WHO Who's Next What a stunner! What a cover...
  7. And that absurd sticky treacle is the reason I do not have a copy of this album, which I overall like very much. That "Treat 'er Gently" crap works my nerves. JIMMY's song "Wino Junko" on the next album is like "Medicine Jar" - weirdly prescient.
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