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  1. ^ You guys impress me, I didn't think anybody listened to classic Punk like BAD BRAINS or DEATH... BUZZCOCKS Singles Going Steady
  2. Agreed. THE BIGGEST DANCER IN THE WORLD was directed by KEN RUSSELL and though faithful to the accident, just like the VANESSA version, BIGGEST DANCER was filmed in black and white, sought to evoke the era with its styling (not the other) starkness, and most importantly, the makeup was ghostly white like silent actors with a recording of "Bye Bye Blackbird" echoing... and the trickle of black blood from the mouth... the other one is small potatoes.
  3. I had that GREAT SOCIETY record on vinyl. GRACE brought with her the only 2 top 40 hits AIRPLANE ever had. Meanwhile, the hits helped but they came up out of SFO at the perfect moment for AOR. I love JEFFERSON AIRPLANE.
  4. Based on ROALD DAHL's even darker book (Charlie And The Chocolate Factory) I love performances and at least one song, but that movie is neither scary nor very good. I'd give it a good. But I do think PETER OSTRUM is perfect as Charlie, and I LOVE GENE WILDER and JACK ALBERTSON !!
  5. None of these are "Horror" but HORRIFYING. GERMANIA ANNO ZERO (1948) TWO WOMEN (1960) I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (1978)
  6. Isadora Duncan, the Biggest Dancer in the World (1966) Shown on a NYC broadcast around 1969, it was made for BBC TV. I haven't seen it since. But I will never forget the ending and how it had frightened me.
  7. Two I think, one all DAED... then later BLOOMIN'...
  8. That kid goes back into the pool ALONE with the previously murderous poppy catatonic immobile on a lawn chair watching and the possessed MOM jumps in the pool to save her son from his 2nd near-drowning in the same pool... the 2nd time, there was a tsunami in the pool... OLIVER quakes rigidly... catatonically immobilized... uh...
  9. Uh... BURNT OFFERINGS has plant based Horror...?
  10. One of the strong-points of the film is his performance... any version of Oliver Twist has to have an intimidating Bill Sykes.
  11. Reminds me of my youth, but I avoided them... though I was practically in one front and center at (of all things) a PRETENDERS concert... !
  12. By the way, over at Bad movies my best friend there and I do not agree about the flick... he loves it, I don't... But, it's so BAD, I kind of enjoy it...
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