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  1. Little bummed about this change. Don't get me wrong. I do like Natalie Wood. And am glad she gets her day again. And J Wayne has been honored many times... But wanted to catch 3 Wayne shows I'd love to watch including "The Comancheros"... Still Awesome lineup! And again thanks to TCM for keeping us entertained. And Forum members for keeping us informed!
  2. Mr TopBilled, What is Inquiring minds wanna know!
  3. The SUTS page had been updated with the new pdf! Lots of interesting films in our future! https://summer.tcm.com/
  4. So Sorry Mr TopBilled to point out more questions... But I believe "MARY BURNS, FUGITIVE (1935) on August 7" played last year for Melvyn Douglas as a TCM Premier??? I really appreciate your wise information. Totally hate pointing this out in light of all your efforts! I shall blame the comma!
  5. There is a Musical short -- "Rufus Jones for President" (1933).
  6. lol! Still in the planning phase. I have gotten though just the first 10 days. And there are several films I am interested in. I eagerly wish to know which shows are TCM Premiers. I suspect the Rock Hudson film "The Golden Blade" may be one. And the are a few Charlie Chaplin that I have yet to see. But very much agree about the Honorees you've mentioned, TopBilled. More planning on the docket for me. What shows will everyone record/watch?
  7. I did... And hopefully will learn more soon!
  8. Thanks TopBilled for posting our 2020 SUTS Schedule. Let the planning begin! 😉
  9. I really love this idea! I am a real fan of The Dustbowl Revival which played a song sometime ago -- their discovery all due to TCM! And I find myself looking up several of these tunes. I also want to applaud TCM for giving new artists valuable exposure. Good job! Bravo, James63! And cudos, TCM!
  10. From Lorain and a brand new Backlot member looking for a group!
  11. Both have been part of SUTS. Harlow in 2004 & 2016. Power's work has been featured but once. And that was in 2012! Definitely more familiar with Harlow and her work. Power would be another Artist I would be eager to explore....😉
  12. This is an amazing list. Some names I am surprised to see! Like: Lewis Stone, Mary Pickford, Mae West, S.Z. Sakall, & Burl Ives; just to name a very few. I know that many from this list are not 'headliners' but still extremely significant in our movie history. I hope more names come off your list Mr TopBilled during SUTS 2020...
  13. What I found so far.... https://31days.tcm.com/
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