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  1. And yet again you Rock, Sagebrush. Nice that you take the time to add the country of origin...
  2. Sagebrush, thanks for posting this! Wouldn't know upcoming Silent Schedule without it... As it has it, missed the showing last night. Frustrating... Again thanks...
  3. Thanks TopBilled, for keeping up with schedules despite the current challenges... Still hoping for some tweaking to happen. *fingers crossed*!😉
  4. So I have built a personal spreadsheet to track films I have watched or wish to watch... And every couple of months I can go through this file clicking on the movie TCM link to see if it is scheduled to air. Good news - the links still works. Bad news - this new format does not show when or if this show is scheduled. I looked at films scheduled in October to see if the new format shows air times for films. And nope! We used to be able to get reminders and everything... Can we have all that stuff back? P.S. Sorry if I am mentioning items that are already in this thread. Got long qu
  5. I always expect TCM to have a Tribute Spotlight. Or at least a Tribute page. Have I missed it for Dame Diana Rigg? Bummer to have lost another great actress... Wikipedia says she has several posthumous releases forthcoming...
  6. Very amazing schedule list you do each year! I do appreciate your hard work & dedication!
  7. My understanding is that John Barrymore is a 1st time Honoree this year. And this is TCM's 18th year of Celebrating SUTS! So sounds right. I havta say, I too was surprised this is the Great John Barrymore's first time... Makes me realize how many Greats deserve their day! More to look forward to during future celebrations...
  8. TCM did do "360 Degrees of Oscar®" for the 2016 celebrations... So is possible. Great idea! 😉
  9. Little bummed about this change. Don't get me wrong. I do like Natalie Wood. And am glad she gets her day again. And J Wayne has been honored many times... But wanted to catch 3 Wayne shows I'd love to watch including "The Comancheros"... Still Awesome lineup! And again thanks to TCM for keeping us entertained. And Forum members for keeping us informed!
  10. Mr TopBilled, What is Inquiring minds wanna know!
  11. The SUTS page had been updated with the new pdf! Lots of interesting films in our future! https://summer.tcm.com/
  12. So Sorry Mr TopBilled to point out more questions... But I believe "MARY BURNS, FUGITIVE (1935) on August 7" played last year for Melvyn Douglas as a TCM Premier??? I really appreciate your wise information. Totally hate pointing this out in light of all your efforts! I shall blame the comma!
  13. There is a Musical short -- "Rufus Jones for President" (1933).
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