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  1. Just checked and there's audio again....whew...hope it sticks. Hope they run Front Page Woman again so I can hear/see it all.
  2. Is anyone else experiencing this? I live in Canada and I'm wondering if this is happening everywhere... I just tuned in to TCM and saw a tribute to Hattie McDaniel and the beginning of the Bette Davis movie "Front Page Woman" (which I really wanted to watch, so I'm very disappointed) - with NO SOUND at all! (Except for the occasional beeping noise). I checked my other channels and they're normal. Please TCM, fix this as soon as possible! There are other movies airing today which I'm also very much looking forward to (Keeper Of The Flame, St. Louis Blues, and Adventure), so I hope the audi
  3. No... I've got a PC. I don't think my computer is the problem 'cause I was here a few days ago and I could still vote on movies in the Database. Now I just don't see the "Vote" link where it used to be on the movie's page. Do you? Oh, and another thing... you know how if a movie is already on DVD, there'll be a picture of the DVD art and a link to buy it? Instead of a "vote for this to be released" link? Well... I don't see that anymore either! Just now I tried clicking on Casablanca, which I know Warner/TCM is selling... but there's no DVD link on the right side of the page (or anyw
  4. I don't see the link to vote on movies to be released on home video/DVD ..where'd it go? I love that feature! There's so many movies I'd like to buy on DVD and it felt like maybe I was making a difference when I voted...
  5. Noooo!! Don't tell me it was on TCM and I missed it! I remember seeing it on TV when it originally aired...but I was so young my memories of it are fading. I know I loved it though. Please release it on DVD! I tried to borrow the VHS tapes from my local library but someone STOLE them!
  6. In the "suggest a movie" section of the website, it says you can also post your suggestions on message boards... but there are so many forums here, I'm not sure where would be most appropriate! Is there a specific forum or thread for suggesting movies? Or should I post in General Discussion, Hot Topics, or Your Favorites...? I'd appreciate any help!
  7. Hooray for Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy being Stars of the Month in March! Please forgive me if I mention anyone who was already the Star of the Month in the past...I only got TCM recently so I have no idea. Do they ever repeat their Stars? I hope so, 'cause I missed so many of them! Anyway...here's a looooong list of my favorites...some are new favorites thanks to catching their movies on TCM and falling in love. June Allyson Fred Astaire (hasn't he been SOTM yet? That's surprising!) Joan Blondell Cyd Charisse Bing Crosby (only next time please show more rare films!)
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