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  1. 12 years gone by + nobody gave right answer. All the ones given are are good answers, but noy the one the person wanted. I got here by a Google search for the same movie. I saw 2 versions of it on TCM, both B + W . In England an old lady, played by a familiar actress lives in a house outside the town with her housekeeper/ secretary, and eats chocolates. A youngish guy who is hiding from the law, played by a familiar actor (Robert Montgomry I think) ends up there. He stays for a while, maybe a few days. At first he seems very charming but later becomes unpleasant and demanding. Nobody knows that he is a a fugitive, or that he has somebody's head. He hides the head in the lady's leather hat box he finds. He tries to seduce the secretary and sort of blackmails her because she kissed him, I think. Here my memory gets foggy so I have forgotten the rest. If anyone knows the name of this, or saw 1 ofthe2 versions andknows who the actors were, please let me know. Thanks!
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