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  1. I love him - he could sing. dance and act. The closet he came to stardom was playing Judy's boyfriend and father in "Little Nellie Kelly".
  2. yes, but Swann probably killed his girlfriend who died from an overdose. He was robbing her blind.
  3. He was one of the original cast members of "It's Only A Play".
  4. Michael Caine wants his wife's money and a young husband.
  5. "Deathtrap" is a highly-regarded thriller in which the gay sexuality of the two principals cannot be ignored.
  6. We used to eat at the same West Village eatery. RIP, Mr. Blum.
  7. The play is ssoon gay - the movies would still be afraid of it.
  8. During my playwrighting career, he was the only name playwright who offered me a helping hand.
  9. A great loss to the theatre, his last play, "Mother and Son" was a fabulous piece of work.
  10. As a revival, the play is popular in England.
  11. If you read the book about the trial, they were definitely lovers.
  12. Perhaps Stewart wouldn't allow any intimationas of his character's sexuality.
  13. Well, Hitchcock used two homosexual actors as the bad boy students.
  14. Ray Milland was terrific in the lead role - and he does seem ready to bursrt out of the closet.
  15. Rupert Cadell was a homosexual in the play. And he was more intinimately involved with his former students.
  16. Has anybody ever thought of Tony as a homosexual?
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