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  1. The long so decline of tcm continues. The most unfortunate and turning point was of course the passing of robert osborne whose class, great presence and in depth knowledge of the industry marked the beginning of the end of tcm as the pre eminent movie channel. The decline continued over the years as no singular individual with Osborne's stature was found as good as Ben is and in fairness he does an excellent job. Unfortunately, because he does not have the relationships with artists that Osborne had simply not going back so many years. Viewers were so fortunate to have seen the intervie
  2. ok gang-and especially mary- i'm back for a moment. hwevr, before i start, i do want to set one thing straight--mary was OBV referring to misswonderly3 since her posts carry the great mary astor's photo -- and nothing else..i wld hve thght that wld be so obv ... mary astor one of the all time greats who i luv watching.. Now, for widmark and kiss of death mentioned by one poster--in my top top 25 films of all times-. and, now for a nomination--ed muller-film noir champ for bum of the month--he just talks too long and secondly, there are so many little known film noirs that he never airs--i un
  3. wow ! had no idea my little post wld generate such interest and rsvps ! also, admire the way you folks luv to have the last word- but relax- this will be my last post for a while since it s sndy nite and work starts early tomorr. this means you people can have the last word ad infinitum and enjoy b/cause i will be working starting at 7ish in the am and won t be posting for at least the week and likely beyond for a while. judging from the number of posts i see associated with many of your names it wld appear quite a few of you have no life xcpt tcm posts ! that's ok- i luv tcm and mary -i thi
  4. had no idea that there was a former poster with my name but i am stuck with my name- shocking more than 1 fred c dobbs ! as far as my lack of caps is concerned i just dont see the necessity --we r not doing brain surgery here; and as far as the readabilty is concrned i usually abbriviate wrds oftn for sake of speed which i am not on... it s perfctlby legible to the casual obvrer as long as you hve a brain mary....finally, i do not strng words togethr althgh i do admit to being illiterate since i hve been in the mountains for ovr a hundred years ! the bottom line--let s all drink the vino
  5. the new line up of hosts--ben, alicia,tiffany, dave and the film noir eddie are are good--(.although you have to say it took 4(plus the film noir feature which didnt exist separate) to replace roberto). i think they re all xclnt although some critique is merited-it s not good when the host gives the movie synopsis (other than the story line-e.g,a dram about a psychotic, or a comedy that takes you to europe etc but not the full story. some tend to do so....years back, i emailed robert o and got a response on a question albeit brief--today--you can get an audience with the pope before you can g
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