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  1. Today I tried to reply to a private message by using the quote function. My reply then included some words but also the embedded video the other member sent. I wanted to try to delete the embedded video and just keep the words. Normally one would just click on the video, a box would form, one could right-click on the box and select delete from the drop down menu, and the box with the video would be gone. But this doesn't work. There is no way at all of selecting the box. And it's worse. I can't even select the whole reply -- the text plus the box -- and then delete that. Nothing w
  2. Thanks for doing all the work to put together this list of shorts. I have a question for you regarding ""20,000 Cheers for the Chain Gang" (1933). Do you have a copy of it, e.g., as the extra feature on the I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang film, and if so, would you check something for me? Have a look at the dancers in the picnic scene, about 4:36 into the film. Notice the prominent blond smiling dancer who is on screen for less than 10 seconds there, but whose face can be clearly seen and whose smile is noteworthy. Does her face look familiar to you? It looks like a major Warner star (
  3. Just to narrow it down, have a look at 4:37 to 4:47 on the video. Is that blonde dancer who I think she is? (Remembering that this star not long afterward ditched the blonde look for her natural color.)
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, HelenBaby2. Eleanor Powell may be somewhere in the film, but I didn't spot her. I had in mind someone much more famous, a major Warner star, before she became a star. If I'm right, she's in the scene where a group of young men and women are dancing at a picnic in a clearing in the woods, sporting a quite distinctive and very familiar smile. Didn't want to influence anyone's judgment in case it's just a superficial resemblance, so I thought I'd see if anyone would spontaneously identify the actress. The only scene I can find on YouTube has dancers on a stage or t
  5. Just checking for confirmation here. In the 1933 short spoof "20,000 Cheers for the Chain Gang", included as a bonus on the Warner DVD of *I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang* (1932), we see a group of dancing picnickers called "The Vitaphone Boys and Girls" on the IMDb cast list. Among those Vitaphone dancing girls (whose faces are in some cases quite visible), I'm pretty sure I spot a major future Warner star. I don't want to influence anyone's judgment by naming the person, but if anyone else has the short, I'd be interested to hear if they confirm my identification. If enough people conf
  6. Thanks to HelenBaby2 and MovieCollectorOH for further suggestions. I have Two on a Guillotine but haven't watched it yet. Will find out. But "My World Dies Screaming" -- also known as "Terror in the Haunted House" -- sounds as if it might be the one. I see that on ebay copies in DVD are very expensive, copies in VHS somewhat less so. (In both cases using "Terror in the Haunted House" title). If anyone has either a VHS or DVD copy and has any further information to share -- e.g., actual running time (often what's written on the case is wrong), quality of picture or sound, etc., I'd be gla
  7. Thanks very much for this reply, but I have both versions of The Old Dark House and it's neither of those. In this film, the actors are pretty much no-name folks, nobody famous like Morely or Karloff. That's why I think it was either a TV movie or a 1960s or 1970s "B" film with mediocre actors in it. It seems to me that not only the married couple but at least one other person who hasn't been to the old family home in years shows up, and in my hazy memory I think that person might be the family black sheep with murder on his mind. I had thought that it might be The Shuttered Room, ca. 196
  8. Hi! I'm trying to recall the name of a film I saw 50 years or so ago on TV -- I think it was originally a feature film but I suppose it could have been a TV movie -- about a sort of family reunion in the old family home. I think the setting was American. A young married couple, or a couple about to be married, returns to the old family home -- I think of the bride. They stay over at least one night, maybe for a weekend. The family contains a number of suspicious characters, and there is at least one "black sheep" character -- I think a fairly young blonde-haired guy. One or more of the f
  9. Warning! SPOILERS! Thanks to everyone for all these suggestions! I'm grateful for the effort. Each suggestion can explain part of what happens, but no suggestion accounts for all of it. I've just looked at it again, to try to get every detail and nuance of what happened and what was said. Here is what is now clear: 1. At first I thought Holden might not have been hit by bullets, but was merely staggering in the mud and shallow water, maybe just twisted his ankle and couldn't get up, or the like. But he is hit initially in the lower back, and bleeding. That doesn't stop him
  10. Warning: SPOILERS! I've recently watched Bridge on the River Kwai, and very much enjoyed it. However, there is one scene that does not seem to make sense, and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about it. (Warning: SPOILERS for those who haven't yet seen the film.) Near the end, Jack Hawkins and the female Asian bearers are looking at the scene of death below. Hawkins turns to speak to the female bearers, some of whom were in love with men who were just killed. They recoil from him, backing away as if they are afraid of him, or angry with him, or both. He says to them, in a f
  11. txfilmfan: Thanks for pointing this great resource out to me! I didn't know of it. Many of the pictures are much clearer than anything in the IMDb. They should help in the future.
  12. Over the years I've learned to recognize scores of the minor actors who play "bit" parts and crowd scenes. The IMDb has helped me find some of them. However, there are several actors who have supposedly played in hundreds of movies (according to IMDb) for whom there are either no pictures, or contradictory pictures (i.e., it looks as if two different actors have been confused), or only pictures from when the actor was extremely young in the silent days and aren't a safe guide to what he looked like in middle age. This poses a problem. For example, for a long time, there was no picture
  13. Can you tell me exactly who runs that site? It's very mysterious. There are links to all kinds of movies, but the site seems to have no name, and there is no "about this site" tab where you can find out what person or organization owns it, etc. If the place had a name, one could Google it on the internet and try to find out if clicking on the links is safe. But there is nothing. You are asked to sign up on trust, click on the links on trust, etc. Very unusual. Most sites have *some* identifying information. Even if I could watch the movie I want that's up there, I'm a bit spooked by th
  14. I've never seen 84 Charing Cross Road, and am thinking of getting it for a member of the family who is somewhat sensitive to rough language. The information on the IMDb is lacking, and reviews on Amazon aren't clear. Some say the film is wholesome because refreshingly free of any crude language, some say its use of crude language is "moderate" or "not too bad" (but that could mean very different things depending on who is making the judgment), and some say that the real-life American woman the film is about was given to very crude language in her letters to the English bookseller. I imagine
  15. Thanks again. No, it's not Park Row, which I just watched recently. Park Row is set in the 19th century, and is about a 19th century newspaper pioneer. This movie I'm talking about is set in the times the film was made, i.e., 20th century USA, late 30s at the earliest. I'm guessing the film was made between 1938 and 1960, from what I remember of the visual style, the acting, the plot, etc. Most likely the late 1940s or 1950s. Thanks to all for the information that Scandal Sheet has aired on TCM. I will check out that angle. But still not sure that's the film.
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