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  1. I haven't read through all the posts yet, but just in case anyone has trepidations/worries. What we DO know: 1) They are not going to air commercials (this has been a constant source of worry on social media and TCM has consistently responded saying no commercials will air) 2) They will still air classic films (no signs of that being abandoned) What we don't know: 1) Well, pretty much everything. I've seen speculation that at the end of Ben Mankiewicz's TV spot that the TCM logo fades into a single C that the channel could be rebranding and/or merging with something el
  2. Where Eagles Dare is a good storming an impregnable fortress film. It's aired multiple times on TCM within the last 12 months, so it's worth a watch.
  3. Best Years of Our Lives is about veterans coming home after the war, so that's a "peacetime" film. I'm kinda surprised there are complaints about no films showed about the Gulf War, Afghanistan, Iraq war, etc. since that would imply you would show movies made in the 1990s up until now and I know how cranky people can get if there are films playing that have the audacity to be made after the 1970s.
  4. Nevermind! I've come back to the page and refreshed it and now the November complete monthly schedule is up. Hooray!
  5. The first of the month is a joyous time as it means I get the Now Playing email announcing all the movies that will play each month, including links to a Highlights Calendar, an alphabetical listing of movies, and the complete monthly schedule. However, the complete monthly schedule is still showing only October. I don't see it updated for November! This makes it a challenge to plan what movies to try to watch/record. HELP!
  6. The mask can have a built-in zipper to allow for wine!
  7. During this pandemic, there have been a lot of cloth face masks produced and it's common to see someone's individuality expressed with face masks that either have a witty/profound message or feature different brands (I've seen things like Old Bay spice, Superman masks, you name it). One thing I'd be interested to see is if TCM would produce face masks that use their logo or other imagery? If one was available, I for one would definitely purchase one and use it frequently when out in public settings. What better way to protect yourself and others around you AND show your appreciation for c
  8. It may take some time to getting used to the format and perhaps they'll make some tweaks too, so I'll wait and see before praising or condemning it completely. What I am wondering about is will there still be printable schedules and alphabetical monthly listings of the films that air each month? I always print them out on the 1st of the new month and go through them and take note of which ones I'm interested in seeing. Please please let that remain!
  9. Oh, one thing I forgot to add that would go into my "Faves" pile would be Movies about Journalism, which I guess would mean mostly newspaper movies, but also television broadcasting. My avatar is Robert Redford from "All the President's Men" so anything that is investigative journalism uncovering corruption and getting after the truth is something I would watch with keen interest.
  10. Hey all, Just curious about the different programming/genre tastes of TCM viewers. What types of programming has you salivating over that you can't wait to watch and which types of programming blocks don't appeal to you or can do without? I'll share mine: Faves: Most things science-fiction will hook me (whether it's good or bad). Most war films (WW2 especially, but others can be good too) Action/adventure and to a certain extent Westerns (lots of good ones, but also lots that are run of the mill) Film noir/crime drama Suspense/thriller (Hitchcock and Hitchcock-adjacent
  11. Any chance TCM will air the Hitchcock classic "Vertigo" anytime soon? I've been wanting to revisit Hitchcock films as of recent and Vertigo is top of mind. Looks like the last time it aired on the network was in 2017. Hope the programming gods can make something happen!
  12. No, I think Alicia Malone is great. She looks like she stepped off the set of a 1940s film is adorable as hell. She fits in just fine on the channel. The host I'm least familiar with is Jacqueline Stewart as I find silent films hard to get into.
  13. Ah, I knew somebody would be tracking something like this. Glad to know the TCM message board wouldn't let me down. That's great information you're capturing MovieCollectorOH! I guess the limitation of your list is it only lists the airtime dates of the last two times a movie has aired, but knowing a film has been broadcast 5, 10, 15, 20 times, etc. is still valuable to know regardless.
  14. Hi everyone, Apologies if this has been discussed before, but I'm curious if there is any kind of database or someone who has tracked the number of times movies air on TCM starting from its inception in 1994 to the present day. I read in an article celebrating TCM's 25th anniversary last year that Casablanca was the film that has aired on the network the most number of times (approximately 150 times), which of course makes me wonder about the number of times any random film has aired over the years. I realize that this would be something in constant need of updating every day/week/mo
  15. I doubt they would have a John Candy SOTM, but Brewster's Millions would probably be fair game to air on TCM (especially if it was aired alongside the original version of that film).
  16. Hi folks, 99% of the time, TCM's schedule in the US and Canada are parallel to one another, but occasionally there are a handful of films that air in the US but do not get aired in Canada (they often swap it out for a similar/like-minded film). For instance, on Friday the daytime schedule features a number of Lovers on the Run themed films that I look forward to taking in, one of them being "The Getaway." Sadly, I won't be able to see "The Getaway" (instead, they will air "Where Danger Lives"). Anyone know the reason for this? My educated guess is it's a licensing/distribution i
  17. Not that familiar with the Film Festival, but do they air snippets of previous years of the fest on TCM after the fact as a matter of course? I know other events often do.
  18. Not sure if I have a routine per se, but here is what I do when it comes to TCM and other channels that air movies (commercial-free and unedited). I subscribe to TCM's "Now Playing" newsletter, which gets sent to my email every month (I'm going to guess this is also the case with a number of other people here). At the beginning of every month, I scour the schedule (where I print off the PDFs of the monthly highlights calendar, the A-Z listing, and the complete monthly schedule on the TCM website). I go through it with a fine-tooth comb and point out which movies I might be interested in a
  19. I'd be down to have Millie De Chirico be the host. She did a good job in the Underground 101 video at any rate!
  20. In my experience, the reminder e-mails end up in my spam folder. No matter how many times I mark them as Not Spam, they still show up there! I guess you have to be vigilant.
  21. If you're talking about those "This Month on TCM" videos, if you follow TCM on Facebook, they credit the song and artist on each page. https://www.facebook.com/tcmtv/videos/222280682247593/?__xts__[0]=68.ARACbWJn9lzOg3mlM1bHd1fGZm2JeilsTgwxkhi8IGfjalIgJ5EgAFji_15aBQtMPKiOvgF26ZHbIYjEOFl3kZfd9pYtHjZGQOA3p8lii_iEaKikZV12PPHmyFSeqf7Bg8FzASyfACTc_QCe3Yp8W1cAYXOrUKTzxsczuQsjDfVpnzpM2WmV-sz3aUqcdMtruQeLbU2maSV-3VKWnv--MO0Sc0assnJt4ue0qNRptL4BeahrL9rYrnAjdG5js0rr2RJsTmbmobOji8VF9O1gREA_u0bUR22TrpGMMSw7A4E9NldqFZzELm2JLOOaZN2awzocg5CXZen3wSMUQF06aZSa7IWyRA&__tn__=-R For March, they used
  22. In the case of Polanski, he was convicted of the crime and evaded sentencing by fleeing the USA. In Allen's situation, at best the situation can be described as murky as both sides of the Farrow family are at odds with one another over the veracity of the claims. Nevertheless, Dylan Farrow is adamant in saying that she was molested by Allen, and we as a culture are becoming more receptive to believing accusers than we were previously, so lots are reluctant to continue giving Allen a pass. As to the art created by people who do bad things (or are at least accused of it), I would hope
  23. So I've been catching up on movies I recorded off TCM (I am making my way through the Godzilla movies that aired in October to give you a sense of how much I have to catch up on!) and a very cool short segment popped up between films explaining what TCM Underground is, which I found very helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INdYPl-GGJQ&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3HR1e4zo6TEA-_RqK7fAVnrRCKhU_Cyru7lXM6WJ60IHcpSqrBE-o2WU4 While watching it, it dawned on me that TCM Underground doesn't have a dedicated host to this block of programming, which I think is a pity! Now I un
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