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  1. I hope everyone is Watching "Shoes". Really excellent camera work, and the age is apparent in the film from which it was taken. I like to see that. It's honest. I wonder how we know now what filter to use? There is no color to the film itself, so it is projected through various filters. It had to have been recorded somewhere. MS Stewart just capped it off and mentioned the original notes. I guess that answers that.
  2. Impressive score. I used to have a VHS version with three or four piano and clarinet tunes from the period. I kinda liked it. It was less distracting for me.
  3. I did! Thank you very much. I will check it out.
  4. Good. I seek to offend as little as possible. I can't seem to pull it off with my wife, but that's another issue.
  5. I am all about light and shadow. I go to great lengths to enhance contrast. I understand that it can be it's own photographic style, but I don't pursue a style myself.
  6. Nope. If I direct something at you, I'll say so.
  7. Not at all.One of my favourite films is in Mandarin Chinese. I would be lost without subtitles. I hate losing contact with the visuals for the time it takes me to read the translation, and sometimes it covers important parts of the image. I'm mostly glad it wasn't my job to put them up there. It can't be fun if done with analog techniques.
  8. It's a happy day. SMPTE reminds me of an old Frank Zappa song! Those SMPTE people work awfully hard. Maybe I should do craft services.
  9. Thank you. Your post will keep me going on here. I was getting frustrated. Remember the movie where they had a big space and no light and they had a pyrotechnic whiz use flares? I want to have shot that!
  10. I guess it just isn't important to me. I watch a movie and say, "Well, that was fun". I wonder how they did this scene or what films and filter were used. Sometimes, the story touches me. Sometimes I see a pretty girl and research her to see what became of her. I fell in love with Anne Baxter when she played Eve. I still want to know what kind of truck they were driving at the end of Paper Moon. I loved learning about the Vitaphone system used for The Jazz Singer. Metropolis was magic to me. Not the tired old story, the photography. See the little bridge picture to the left? click it a c
  11. I defer to your expertise. I think more of the aesthetic. To each his/her own. I'm a simple guy.
  12. It never occurred to me that that was a problem. I don't spend much time here. Or any discussion group, because people so often get stupid just because they can. I get you, though. Just humbly throwing in my two cents. Honestly, I didn't think my statements negative. At least, I didn't intend it so. Sorry if I upset anyone.
  13. Okay, here's the deal. I have things about which I am passionate. I have unique experiences and training and degrees and certifications. That being said: I welcome unique skills and perspectives, but only to the degree that it helps people better do the job for which they were hired. If you introduce a movie, talk about the movie. Not politics, current events, race or gender issues, not the various interpretations of everything in the story, no Hollywood gossip. I can learn that myself if it interests me. I appreciate some of it, but please don't make it the movie. Stop shoving prima f
  14. In the nineteenth century nationality or ethnicity was often referred to as race. People would speak of the "German race" or the "French race." The 19th century French literary critic Hippolyte Taine discussed literary works according to the formula "race, moment, milieu" where race basically meant nationality. Thank you! I seem to have some vague awareness of this practice, but I know not from where. That's how we learn!
  15. Sepiatone should have been quoted at the beginning of my statement if that's what you mean. You referenced Metropolis, and I just wanted to answer quickly. The comment is because of the discussions on either side of some films about racial issues. I get it, but sometimes it seems excessive. I just watch TCM to see the films and learn a little.
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