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  1. James Gandolfini Next: Class (1983) Stand By Me (1986) Say Anything... (1989) Being John Malkovich (1999) The Bag Man (2014)
  2. does anyone know the name of a movie it has Virginia Mayo,A Trailer,a Guy holding sandwiches,and it's in color. I can't remember it cause I want to watch it.
  3. "Sorry Rex I Couldn't Find anything to use to write on with!" *** Next:
  4. "Life Begins at 83 you say well I better working out then!" *** Next: how about now
  5. "Okay i'm addicted to scuba diving you happy now?" *** Next:
  6. "For the Last Time where is the money!" *** Next:
  7. "Did you Spike that Butter before you served it to other people?" *** Next:
  8. "I'm The One Who gets the Limelight not you!" *** Next:
  9. "And This is how Hacky sack was invented!" *** Next:
  10. "I Really Think You Should Trim your fur a little!" *** Next:
  11. "I Should Married A-Rod Not You!" *** Next:
  12. "Who Wants to play against me in Rollerball?" *** Next:
  13. "When They Found Moby Dick and Turn him into a great opera star!" *** Next:
  14. "Isn't That A Beautiful Sunset!" *** Next:
  15. "When Dean Martin has just finish his song to a lady!" *** Next:
  16. "and here are some slides from my Vacation!" *** Next:
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