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  1. I just saw this picture for the first time. George Sanders , as usual, was superb, and it was a reminder that Geraldine Fitzgerald was one of the loveliest ladies in films. But I was really interested in seeing Moyna MacGill (Angela Lansbury's mother) in something other than a bit part. She was great! As for this film being Classic Noir, I leave that debate to the experts. I enjoyed this picture, stylishly produced and directed, and full of familiar character actors. The ending , though, was too reminiscent of THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW.
  2. So sad to hear of the passing of Dawn Wells. I liked "Mary Ann" so much more than "Ginger." May she rest in peace.
  3. What a strange, strange year this has been! We all could use a bit of happiness. Happy Holidays to everyone, especially to my friend Dinie!
  4. With less than a week to go, the primetime lineup for Tuesday, December 15 still hasn't been posted. I understand the theme is supposed to be the National Film Registry. But at this late date, it's hard to imagine they haven't finalized the schedule.
  5. Have you checked MovieCollectorOH's link to his website? Try that. The whole month of December, January and now, February 2021, are listed there. If you're still having trouble finding it, just holler.
  6. I never got the impression that my brother-in-law regarded musicals (or the people who liked them) as "queer" or "sissy." Nothing like that. I just think he had zero tolerance for movies in which characters broke into a song and dance in the middle of a scene for no apparent reason. Maybe it offended his sense of "realism" or something. I truly don't know. But there are many people who feel the same way as he did toward musicals. My point was that these people deserve to be accurately informed as to whether a particular movie is or isn't a "musical." As it now stands, the TCM website no longer
  7. I wish I knew why my brother-in-law hated movie musicals. He died quite a few years ago, so I can't answer that question. But he loved jazz, so he was not anti-music. My point in bringing him up was that if he had known WEST SIDE STORY was a musical, not a straight drama, he would never have gone to see it. I'm sure there are many others in this world like him in that respect. I just feel that if a movie is essentially "musical," it should be identified as such, computer software notwithstanding. To do less than that is to play a trick on the viewer who might not care for musicals. Me, I love
  8. Yeah, he hated them, all right. When they started to sing, he got up and left.
  9. Point well taken. I've never paid much attention to genre specifications when I watch a movie, since I've probably seen it before and know what type of film it is. But it sticks out so glaringly that so many classic musicals are now listed as "comedies." Many years ago, my brother-in-law walked out on WEST SIDE STORY when he discovered it was a musical. He thought it it would be a crime drama--he hated musicals. So if you're going to list genres, it pays to be accurate.
  10. You're probably right in your assessment as to how the "genre" classification works now. However, I think if they're going to specify a genre at all, they should be as accurate as humanly--and I stress the word humanly-- possible, and not rely solely on the characteristics of computer software for conveying information. A minor point, but I think it's a valid one.
  11. I just noticed this latest anomaly in the new format. It does seem as if TCM has eschewed the term "Musical" in favor of "Comedy" for classic musical films. How do they classify FIDDLER ON THE ROOF? As a "Comedy-Drama"?
  12. Yes, I was a cartoon junkie as a child. I had to be dragged out of bed to go to school, but on Saturday mornings I was up at the break of dawn to see my favorite cartoons. One thing I wonder about: now that MeTV is going to show Popeye cartoons, will King Features Syndicate ever put the Popeye cartoons from the early Sixties back in circulation? I miss the Sea Hag (Popeye's worst nemesis ever). Has King Features buried those cartoons in a vault, never to be seen again?
  13. I'm still hot about that... and I'm still paying the extra ten bucks a month.
  14. Yes, it has... But that's what happens when something that you've been accustomed to having for a long time is taken away arbitrarily. People find ways to get it. That's what we're seeing here.
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