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  1. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, CHRISTMAS with CHET ATKINS... You were blessed with having been exposed to such eclectic music.
  2. ...and both heard and seen here - care of one of Chet Atkins' "disciples", George Harrison:
  3. Like his counterpart here, Mister Guitar impacted popular music from both sides of the recording console. The Chet Atkins signature Country Gentleman can be heard here to my knowledge:
  4. Presumably fueled in part by its fall positioning, the following song reached #2 in the Halloween-happy environment of the United States:
  5. You're welcome, Eucalyptus P. Millstone... https://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_1649-Ford-XL-76B-1970.html
  6. Go to my fifty years ago: THE BETA MANpost, Eucalyptus P. Millstone.
  7. The second screen adaptation of Richard Matheson's I AM LEGEND (1954) is said to have been released fifty years ago on this day... Enjoy your virtual downtown drive, Eucalyptus P. Millstone:
  8. With my earlier post of the Who's "Sunrise" and your upload of Les Paul & Mary Ford with that reel-to-reel visible, Eucalyptus P. Millstone, Les Paul also is credited as the primary pioneer of flanging - a tape effect that Pete Townshend employed on the following track to my knowledge:
  9. A pioneer of the solid body, Les Paul is also said to have influenced many a guitarists with his playing - collectively an argue that he was the greatest guitarist.
  10. Pete Townshend counted himself a student of Mickey - of MICKEY & SYLVIA - Baker's series of books, jazz guitar:
  11. I don't know what era you're referring to and, furthermore, I don't care.
  12. Nowadays they pack real guns with their lunch.
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