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  1. Please excuse the crass title, SweetSue, but I assume you will get the implication:
  2. Another receiver: https://news.yahoo.com/pat-studstill-nfl-player-dukes-144500913.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall
  3. ...and speaking of "...the rabbit hole of weird 60s psychedelic...", SweetSue:
  4. Though I can recall going to at least three Sport Chalet stores, I don't recall encountering any scuba equipment, Peebs: I mention this because, like the company name implies, I wanted you to be thinking winter gear.
  5. No, no, Peebs: That was laziness on my part! (Hope I made up for it with my follow-up response.)
  6. Was surprised to read here that the book description included part satire as, if I correctly understood what I'd read, the author - known by the nom-de-plume as "Trevanian" - had said that the critics collectively failed to understand that it was an intended spoof... If I also correctly read, the author dissed the film adaptation of The Eiger Sanction in a later novel of his - SHIBUMI - note the symbiotic plug for it here, Peebs:
  7. I'm confident that the surrender flag will not be necessary for you, Peebs: You will need mountain-climbing gear to complete your latest mission...
  8. Peebs and you are oh-so-close with your Where Eagles Dare guesses but, no, BunnyWhit. Think Sport Chalet...
  9. In reiteration: An intended spoof of the spy genre, the novel is taken straight to a large extent - not surprisingly - and, subsequently, is largely depicted in seriousness with its movie adaptation... Following its original release, you saw older kids/young teens at Sport Chalets sampling its central drama.
  10. You're getting oh-so-close, Peebs...
  11. You saw older kids/young teens such as myself fooling around at Sport Chalets following its release...
  12. Great guess, Peebs, but be thinking last night...
  13. No, Peebs, but this story also goes far beyond the lighter side of spying - to the point that the critics collectively failed to glean its so-called spoof... Hint: I did not consciously place the question with yesterday in mind!
  14. Name the James Bond spoof novel - that's according to its author - which was mostly taken as straight by critics and, subsequently, mostly done as straight for its film adaptation... Name the author as well.
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