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  1. "Three blind beggars came round the corner of the intersection and moved slowly down the pavement..." Sexism isn't the only draw or pass awaiting readers of Ian Fleming's spy in today's politically correct terrain;there's some racism as well! No more so than in chapter five of LIVE AND LET DIE (1954). To emphasize the chapter's racial insensitivity, consider that the Macmillan Company changed the eye-popping title to a much more innocuous one as early as the mid-50s point!
  2. If I correctly recall, TopBilled, it was a story recounted by John Frankenheimer himself. It presumably occurred during the evening of June 19, 1958, as sponsorship had already given Rod Serling an Excedrin headache over the following:
  3. The live television scene at the beginning of THE GAZEBO (1959) reminded me of the story about Rod Serling, suffering from a bad case of the "Madison Avenue heebie-jeebies" during a live broadcast of one of his teleplays, being ordered out of the control room by director John Frankenheimer.
  4. Taken at the Carl Schurz Memorial in 1968, the following LIFE photo shoot of the WHO was later culled for use as the primary image for the British band's 1979 rockumentary, The Kids Are Alright:
  5. Red Adair (l) at Gassi Touil #2: It was the Devil's Cigarette Lighter which brought international acclaim to Red Adair, leading to supervision of his heroics on "HELLFIGHTERS" and an American Express spot I remember from my childhood.
  6. It's too obvious, too quintessentially relevant to this thread to have escaped oversight, but just in case..... LIFE goes to the real world - Patty Duke signing with Helen Keller: Patty Duke (Astin) coming full-circle with The Miracle Worker (1979):
  7. It was interesting viewing the Warholic celebration of Esso under the umbrellas of cherbourg. I wonder if the French film shared a symbiotic relationship with the ye-ye culture..... Indeed, one its stars - Catherine Deneuve, was a generation peer of the switched-o
  8. It's probably already been pasted somewhere here but, coincidentally, I'd already thought of pasting the following - Shirley Eaton getting the Earl Scheib treatment:
  9. Speaking of James Bond obits, Ilse Steppat only briefly enjoyed her most visible role, as she died of a heart attack in West Berlin a week after "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" saw its first public screening - in the FRG no less. Ian Fleming's recurring murderess matron, Irma Bunt, apparently was slated for James Bond to go after in Diamonds Are Forever (1971), as Fleming's super spy originally had done in YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE (1964), but Steppat's passing prematurely nixed the movie character.
  10. Counter to William Talman's "I'll be dead by the time you see this..." commercial, there's been the residual free plugs for the tobacco industry with spots such as Sean Connery's iconic baccarat toke and Rock Hudson demonstrating some cool hand acting in, I think, "ICE STATION ZEBRA".
  11. With all the James Bond deaths within the past Oscar year, I thought that there might be a stringed montage of them, but obviously this was not the case. Sean Connery was speed highlighted, Diana Rigg was briefly included, but I missed Michael "Hugo Drax" Lonsdale.
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