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  1. This post is in mind for jamesjazzguitar and Dargo... The Santa Claus Lane Parade, once traditionally held on the eve(ning) prior to Thanksgiving Day, used to symbolically christen the Holidays season in the Los Angeles area. Those evenings sometimes could seem as cold as a night on the moon. MAROONED's IRONMAN ONE is seen here during Quentin Tarantino's year of the parade:
  2. United Artists beat the TCM pairing by fifty years: !
  3. "Ich kann mich nicht mehr festhalten!" I was reminded of the Great Wallendas' three-ring tragedy with tonight's screening about a communist circus, MAN ON A TIGHTROPE... A nephew and niece of patriarch Karl Wallenda, Dieter and Jana Schepp, fled their oppressive East Germany and took to the high wire with their famous uncle. With illusions of grandeur but too inexperienced for the league of the Great Wallendas' seven-man pyramid stunt, Dieter Schepp soon gained his "freedom" in early 1962, taking two others down to the un(for)giving floor of Michigan's State Fair Coliseum with him.
  4. Given the pre-Sandoz LSD-25 patent expiration period that they were produced, Saul Bass' lysergic motifs for 'VERTIGO' are interesting to view in the post-counterculture era: Bass' "psycholgical vortex"sequences appear as something of a proto-stroboscopic light show at the Fillmore Auditorium in 1966.
  5. The in memorium for Sean Connery seems rather subdued for the man who both established and cemented the silver screen character of James Bond: Couldn't the TCM crew have taken a bit more time to offer some more quintessential Connery/Bond images?
  6. Interestingly, James Franciscus was visible - no pun intended - as the blind detective, Longstreet, the same year as the similar Cat O'Nine Tails was released.
  7. The PSYCHO chocolate syrup ran for years at Universal Studios.
  8. With the colors of the day and conversation of Sean Connery's Nassau "departure" in mind... The cascading aqua-paratroopers and Skyhook sequences of "THUNDERBALL" (December of 1965) predated both The Green Berets (1968) U.S.A.F. retrieval scene and the 'Action Man!' section of "JUGGERNAUT" (1974), conversely, by years. Scuba equipment for this post furnished by AMF-Voit.
  9. Pretty Pittsburgh native Judith O'Dea is seen at the dawn of the Night Of the Living Dead franchise:
  10. It was interesting to read that Sean Connery died in Nassau - the primary setting for the two THUNDERBALL films!!
  11. MAD's satire on The Godfather, which was drawn by Mort Drucker, saw further attention as a TV cartoon, The Oddfather, but is said to have never made it out of the magazine for some reason.
  12. The Odd Couple (1968) - 1967 Shea Stadium: A triple play was staged prior to a regular season game!
  13. Sorry: I overlooked it, but it's a TV movie!!
  14. EXPERIMENT in TERROR (1962) - 1961 Candlestick Park and some notable, uncredited Los Angeles Dodgers
  15. Unless I overlooked it, here's an additional telefilm for you: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0071676/
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