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  1. I am asking the question what 12 Films do you yourself think are 12 films that were part of the evolution of film itself. I guess I mean what films have been most important films made in cinema history. These are not most fun or favorite films but the films you consider ground breaking classic films. There are no right or wrong answers to an opinion film question. Just curious to see what are people ground breaking classic films 12 The Original King Kong------Just Because It was first film to peak my interest in the world of adventure films 11 The Wizard Of Oz-------- First Movie to
  2. I Will not be using any TV Series Cartoon newer then 2000. Which makes my newest Cartoon favorite show 22 years old. There were so many cartoon series I watched and liked but only 15 would I call my true Favorites. Your welcome to post your own cartoon show list. 15 GI-Joe --80s cartoon 14 Inspector Gadget 13 80s Duck Tales 12 80s Muppet Babies 11 Garfield and Friends 10 Dragonball Z 09 Transformers G-1 08 80s X-Men 07 Batman The Animated Series 06 The Flintstones 05 Scooby Doo Where Are You 04 The Bugs and Daffy Show 03 He-Man
  3. Honorable mentionings of Classic TV shows that didnt make my list Golden Girls The Addams Family Home Improvement Magnum PI The Fall Guy Gun Smoke Alf Little House On The Praire Hunter Simon and Simon Dallas F Troop The Carol Burnett Show The Muppet Show
  4. Im Gonna name 15 Classic shows I loved years ago and still do today. Anyone is welcome to post there list and if can post pics of the shows your welcome too. 15 Happy Days 14 Mr Ed 13 Get Smart 12 1960s Batman 11 Bonanza 10 The Waltons 09 Original Star Trek and TNG 08 The A Team 07 The Beverly Hillbillies 06 The Munsters 05 The Equalizer 04 The Andy Griffith Show 03 All In The Family-----I dont think people give enough credit to Mr O'Connor for probably playing the worst person possible and who likely was nothing like himself. B
  5. What I mean is name 10 Movies that you liked that are older films that people in the modern era consider cheesy or films that look dated or not very good to todays standards of effects and so on. I do suppose allot of classic movies dont really have effects going for them in the early days of cinema but Im just curious to see what people on here think are fav films that younger people might consider dated. 10 Willow 09 Short Circuit 08 Batman 1989 07 The Classic Clash Of The Titans with Harry Hamlin 06 Ghostbusters 05 Red Sonja 04 Pete's Dragon 0
  6. So many characters to think of Honorable Mentionings Martin Riggs----Lethal Weapon Jack Sparrow----POTC---Curse Of The Black Pearl Obi Wan Kenobi-- A New Hope Willy Wonka----Gene Wilder-----Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory Han Solo----Empire Strikes Back John McClane-----Die Hard and Die Hard With A Vengeance. John T Chance-----Rio Bravo The Man With No Name----Good The Bad and The Ugly Hannibal Lector---Silence Of The Lambs
  7. 10 Scar---The Lion King Classic Cartoon Movie 09 The Wicked Witch----Wizard Of Oz 08 Ethan Edwards----The Searchers 07 Buford T Justice----Smokey and The Bandit 06 Indiana Jones-----Indiana Jones Trilogy 05 Sean Connery James Bond-----Goldfinger/Dr No and Thunderball 04 Darth Vader------The Star Wars Original Trilogy 03 Moses-----Charleton Heston----The 10 Commandments 02 Aragorn----Lord Of The Rings Trilogy 01 Rocky Balboa--------Rocky1-4
  8. I loved that whole movie where in Empire no one could fix the hyperdrive but R2 fixes it in 2 seconds
  9. What are My top 5 Favorite Star Wars scenes from the first 3 films which would be A New Hope , Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi. I am a big Star Wars fan and Sci Fiction films still gets me excited as it did when i was a kid. From Star Wars To Star Trek to Men In Black. But thats another story SciFi films. 5 Vader Finds An Empiral Officers Lack Of Faith Disturbing----A New Hope 4 Yoda Levitates Lukes X-Wing after it was Stuck In The Swamp---Thats Why You Fail is a great masters line to any pupil who is about to loose there will to take on a task. -----The Empire Strikes Ba
  10. I kept wanting to add Maureen O Hara but am certain she was born in Ire Land
  11. Not really interested in the whole racist debate. Which you seem like to talk about or use the word assuming people think as whatever person your talking to does. You can have your own opinion but people been saying lots of things for decades if was drunk, A person drunk can say lots of things. A drunk person is neither honest nor a liar. They take on whatever personality they take when drunk. be that a lovable drunk or mean.
  12. June Lockheart is a tv actress but Her part as Timmys Mother On Lassie was pretty good. And she was stunning if go back and look at other tv moms in comparison back then.
  13. Yes but my Gibson point is does his career fall without the modern celebrity witch hunt or if he never makes passion of the christ beforehand. I also think other people have said and done far worse things and were forgiven. but thats a whole different topic.
  14. I will take 15 Actors and 15 Actresses all time and try To Make a List. These actors or actresses are for Them Born In America Actors 1 Harrison Ford 2 Morgan Freeman 3 Gary Cooper 4 John Wayne 5 Robert Duvall 6 Al Pacino 7 Robert Deniro 8 Robin Williams 9 Kirk Douglas 10 Samual L Jackson 11 Tom Hanks 12 Alan Alda 13 Daniel Day Lewis 14 Robert Downey Jr 15 Clint Eastwood Actresses 1 Carrie Fisher 2 Sissy Spacek 3 Angelina Jolie 4 Sally Field 5 Halle Berry 6 Nicole Kidman 7 Gw
  15. I think I might have made this thread in the wrong context of what I meant. Is it easier to make a classic movie per say lets say in the 1980s then it is today. I think today there are too many organizations that boycott this or that. Take Mel Gibsons well drunk statements. Would his career been over in John Wayne s day. I personally think what is wrong with movies more today is media tries tear down an actor more.
  16. original film ideas from a simple book or screen play are being buried for comics and sequels to other big films. Comic Books rule the cinema and Disney films remade from there own animated classics
  17. I know most his work is in motion capture but the amazing thing is Andy Serkis is a from Ne Zealand but I was certain he must been born British because he does great British Characters
  18. Lots of southern and country people do think the way I do. Its same reason as you think your opinion is supperior to mine. I cannot help how i think its in my brain and its why make discussion topics so I can cain knowledge from other people.
  19. Also it has to deal with talent and I think classic movie writers were better and todays writers are well kinda lazier . Well Maybe lazy is wrong word. Its like I know my parents worked harder then id did but times changed and not every person raised there own living anymore. So by so called modern life we are little less working harder then parents raised in the 40s. I was in the 70s and kids today well there even less effort putting thanks to modern computer devices.
  20. I never like some things in films for certain. but I do think most cases no offenses are meant when writers write something or actors say something in interviews. I mean Im from WV where there is not allot of asians or black people and In my head I constantly worry about saying stuff not on purpose because I just dont know a hundred ways to offend people. But I do suppose music has changed a little like movies. Its like the word **** when I went to school we never used that word we just called them Learn Disabled or Behavior Disabled. Come to think of it while seems like words had more freedo
  21. Im not saying the interview never happened but rarely do actors remember what there interviewing what magazine or new place. they often say the same words over and over. But he could have been asked a different question.
  22. I my self never used words that are in most movies in the 80s and 90s . I just think todays movie goers are way to sensative and just cant go to watch a movie. Everyone these days is a movie critic and can do a video on movies on youtube.
  23. It just seems like it be exhausting to be a movie writer in this now PG era where you have to be none offensive to women or races and there are so many words that can be offensive . I think as humans we evolve but i think its unfair to blame one race for the wrongs of another 3 decades later when people change. A thing i notice more is not just white people can be racist but its the only thing that people seem to want to underline when making films. Also today people cannot use the words **** but it was used allot in the 1980s. People assume the word means gay but seems like in the Dire Strait
  24. Im sorry I forget some things sometimes when read. Its part of my short term memory loss i always was plagued with. It also part of my learn disability.
  25. In todays era it seems like people are are overly sensative about certain subject matter. Certain words and jokes you cannot use anymore. And I think while im not supportive of any racial slurs or saying we should as people use words or mean jokes still. It however just seems that there is a bit of over sensative moods in the world and in ways I think it effects period films when try to make them today. I think classic films before the 2000 times began had more freedom in film making. I some things in movie need to be uncomfortable so film scenes have more weight to the offenses. I also think
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