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  1. John Cleese I havent seen mentioned and one cannot think of british anything and not think of Monty Python films
  2. A couple Honorable Mentionings 1 Liam Neeson 2 Richard Harris 3 Peter O Toole 4 Brian Cox 5 Terence Stamp 6 Maggie Smith 7 Pierce Brosnan 8 Judi Dench 9 Albert Finney
  3. Name 10 Actors from England Ireland Scottland aka The UK you like best. It can be from modern era or classic movie era 1 Sean Connery 2 Micheal Caine 3 Christopher Lee 4 Ian McKellan 5 Anthony Hopkins 6 Patrick Stewart 7 Gary Oldman. 8 Sean Bean 9 Alan Rickman 10 Alec Guinness I Know not many classic very old cinema choices but these are my Top ones
  4. I see Generally 20 films a year in movie theaters Mostly from May to Aug and some for the Holidays At the end of the year. Favorite experiance is sometimes finding films that are better then i expected or better then movies i think will be good. Trailers is what I base going to films on. But its more about seeing in trailers if like who is in it and if thats my cup of tea. I still think movies need only one good trailer which today is usually called full length trailer 1. But before that is the teaser and even now some films have a final trailer which i avoid those.
  5. What I mean isI hate worst about todays Trailers is A They always seem to give away all the storys plot in some trailers. I like trailers that give you hints of the movie but not plot. But in today era most big studio films you get 4 trailers that tell the whole movie and B i hate the new trick in todays film where they put in trailers great looking scenes that are not even in the movie. Also Im not assuming everyone is like me but I did see on some youtube movie discussion place where people my age kinda dont like the movie give away certain scenes in trailers.
  6. I think most people dont see some films and its because todays Trailers are not great for allot of films are tells the whole movie so why go
  7. Its what i meant by Wizard Of Oz and Commandments were movies ahead of there time
  8. Its even pretty hard for smaller budgeted sci-fi or smaller action movie films got get much notice or money. The Bigger Blockbusters films are given too much money in my opinion and could cut costs down if woven in special effects. Mandalorian the TV show uses CGI and Puppet work. I m sure its a goo sized budget but what did for a full season might be cheaper then films. Lots of small movies like per say if people did a comedy like Grumpy Old men which was an 80s film just about 2 men in minn and a they fight over the neighbor lady. Movie like that stands no chance at a Box office today. Even
  9. It Took A Mind Like George Lucas to show oh you can do effects in space and not look like plane sets blowing up. I think Wizard Of Oz and The Ten Commandments were movies done before they should have been able too. The Pillar of file and parting the red sea. Still is something impressive to me. And Wizard Of Oz the Tornado scene and the Colors scene amazing for a 37 film. Im just not saying movies today and saying that film will be ground breaking moment to remember. Maybe then other then The Avengers 4 films. Not everything made in classic days hold up when watch them now. Some Of The Effects
  10. Most Of My Era Of DVDS Are Westerns and Disney Classics and Family friendly films from 40's To 76 and I skip couple years and Have rest of my film library from 79-2003. 2003 being the Lord Of The Rings Films and Johnny Depps POTC first 3 films. I do Like The Avengers Films and Like MCU stuff but thats bout only Modern things i go to see really.
  11. Considering Soliders were spit on when come back from some wars. It kinda does make some people like Wayne who chose to serve the war effort in the way he was most good at. Some people dont go to war or military because cannot pull a trigger. Id say Wayne guilt probably was always there. He probably saw it as young Americans make the mistake he felt he did. I myself tried to go and serve but Army didnt want a flat foot like me and my dad who was an MP before Vietnam broke out but was discharged 2 month before hand. My dad said army was nice you get to go different places and serve your country
  12. I watch modern CGI films and While Enjoy the Comic Book Films fine and Some other films made in the 2000-2020 time. It just seems like films are really poor in a few areas. Seems like acting is down and creative inspiration is 20% while rest of movies are cringe worthy. I mean today a Western is considered a B movie and I can watch any Wayne or Eastwood picture more times then the new so called great oscar winning films. In 1980s all action movies are considered cheesy and while the effects are not great. I just prefer watching older films. Seems like with millions of books written that studi
  13. I never meant this thread as full blown bio of the man. Just wondered why he and many actors of that era were on top for that long. I find it kinda hard to believe Duke would do an interviw for Playboy magazine. But chances are he did an interview which actors today do hundreds for all kinds of magazine and probably dont know what the magazine is. I think allot of issue with actors getting mad is news people just never leave celebrities alone and this year during the corona virus its clear to me news dont care anything about people.
  14. I never heard duke assualting any women ever because it wouldnt do well for s leading man duke image. Duke was all about his overall image. I heard this story where when he heard cancer had come back and his personal doctor found him with a gun in his lap because he was going to kill himself but dr mention what would his fans think for duke to quit.
  15. Im just saying Duke was human like any other actor celebrity. I had this notion did anyone else see that story about the radiaton detected in the area of death valley and all who filmed a certain movie all died of cancer.
  16. Well the give actors booze for what 2 to 3 hours so all have is bunch on drunk actors by end of awards night. I never said Wayne was perfect and it more or less was a good thing that he was human and did make mistakes. I like the story that when Bogart died he was one of the first actors to send Becall a sympathy card and so on. People often who were democrats said they expect wayne to be hard to work with. And yet the actors said he was not as political with then as the suspected. And really he liked to play cards or chess with people more then talk about his beliefs on other people.
  17. I know many kinda judge Wayne for his political views today in some way to damage his legacy as an actor. To me I like that John Wayne was a human in real life. And while dont agree with comments about native Americans. I see todays press and you got to wonder allot of actors probably were misquoted ages ago. Anyways this thread is about John Wayne the best hero in films. Westerns now is consider B movies but When Think Western Hero I think John Wayne. Eastwood is more like if the hero John Wayne was your brother and he was shot in the back. Eastwood would be the guy who would seek revenge typ
  18. No I wasnt born till 1978 and I really never saw the OG Star Wars in the cinema. My Biggest time seeing Star Wars was when George Lucas released then VHS Boxset During the 90s before the prequels when he first added scenes to the Star Wars films. I ofcourse seen on Tv or rented Star Wars during the late 80s
  19. 12 Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 11 The Sound Of Music 10 Rio Bravo 09 Gone With The Wind 08 Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade 07 The King and I 06 The Wizard Of Oz 05 Coal Miners Daughter 04 The Searchers 03 Schindlers List 02 Pale Rider 01 Star Wars Classic Trilogy 4,5,6
  20. 23 Robin Hood Animated Classic 22 In Harms Way 21 Raiders Of The Lost Arc 20 E.T 19 Star Trek 2 The Wrath Of Khan 18 The 10 Commandments 17 The Poseidon Adventure----Gene Hackman 16 Superman 15 High Noon 14 Jeremiah Johnson 13 Close Encounters
  21. 34 Conan The Barbarian with Arnald 33 The Outlaw Josey Wales 32 Jaws 31 Smokey and The Bandit 30 True Grit 29 Willow 28 Thunderball 27 From Russia With Love 26 Lawrence Of Arabia 25 Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Disney first animated feature 24 Flying Leathernecks
  22. Id like see just 15 films of your best films from your list. Quite sure there different then mine.
  23. 43 Bedknobs and Broomsticks 42 Planet Of The Apes 41 Peter Pan Animated Classic 40 The Jungle Book Animated Classic 39 High Plains Drifter 38 Quigly Down Under 37 Star Trek The Voyage Home 36 Dr No 35 McKlintock
  24. 53 Red Sonja 52 The African Queen 51 Heidi 50 A Christmas Carol with George C Scott 49 Blood Alley 48 The Original Classic King Kong 47 The Incredible Mr Limpet. 46 Pete s Dragon 45 The Apple Dumpling Gang 44 The Karate Kid
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