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  1. 53 Red Sonya ------Arnald Swartzenegger and Bridget Neilson. I really liked 80s sword and magic movies. But then again before then liked Sword and Sandle movies like Sinbad movies and Clash of The Titans. SO movies like this when cam out in the 80s just worked for me.
  2. 54 Tall In The Saddle----John Wayne, Ward Bond, Gabby Hayes No real good reason but this is my late night feel good movie I watch when cannot sleep. Ive seen the movie way too many times
  3. 56 Bambi---- Walt Disney Pictures 3rd Animation classic One of the best ever drawn animated films ever. Its just kinda hard to watch the whole Mother Cant be with you anymore scene.
  4. 57 Treasure Island----- The version of treasure Island I knew as a boy and not the Muppet One. Kinda sad the modern generation never view same classics that people of the 70s did growing up.
  5. 58 Rooster Cogburn And The Lady-------John Wayne, Katherine Hepburn and John McIntire From TV series The Wagon Train.
  6. 59 Charlottes Web-----Debbie Reynolds, Agnus Moorehead, Voice talents One of the 10 films that still can make me cry whenever I get to a certain scene. For me mostly its animated films or some type of movies where a good character dies from a disease or surgery. I grew up on this short movie by today standards but loved the book and the film its self
  7. I will be doing my Classics Movies List I will not add a film any newer then 1995. And Will use films as far back as the 1930s. I worked on my list Last Night and its not easy just picking 60 slots out of so many movies ever made. Forgive me if dont add a movie. I have seen lots of movies but still many I have not by the age 42. I do have a bucket list though to do during the Covid19 issue to allow me to have no more excuses on some films. A Person does not have to do 60 films. Top 15 films would be ok if wanted to post in the comments 60 Favorite Classic Movie Films List 60 C
  8. 01 Jedi Master Yoda----Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi Im just not sure there is a wiser more good master and mentor character then Yoda. A being who had to see the end of the Jedi order and had to try and teach Luke even after having to realize he made mistakes. No better good character to have a bad outcome from mistakes but still trying to teach Luke how to do things better then he or Obi Wan did.
  9. 02Mr Spock------Wrath Of Khan and The Voyage Home---Star Trek Movies
  10. 03 Indiana Jones------Raiders Of The Lost Arc and Temple Of Doom and Last Crusade
  11. 04 Moses-----The 10 Commandments I dont think there is any hero character bigger in cinema then Moses. I mean he starts off being raised by the bad people but ends up the champion chosen by God to help people get out of Slavery.
  12. 07 James T Kirk----Star Trek Movies One of the best TV and Movie characters ever created. Not to worry our favorite Vulcan as well is on the list this is just Kirks spot on my list and To me its not too high.
  13. 09 Conan The Barbarian----Conan The Barbarian and Conan The Destroyer
  14. 11 Preacher-----Pale Rider This by far is my favorite Eastwood western and part he has played. Most movies he really isnt a good or a bad guy. Just either not as bad a guy as others in town or bad boy type not able to be the good guy really.
  15. 13 John Chisum-------Chisum Im sure there are many other Duke characters but I just liked Wayne as this character. Sitting On his horse next to a tree to reflect on how his journey must have started to what it now was and all the things a man had to do in those times to stake out his home.
  16. 15 Aragorn-------L.O.T.R Trilogy I consider these movie to be the greatest modern day movie classic franchise. Once consider the original Star Wars as the best classic trilogy but this was an event film. there was just some magic in those films and greatest hero probably in modern history is Aragorn. The real tragedy is that Viggo never got any awards for this role.
  17. 16 Rocky Balboa------Rocky 1-4 and Rocky Balboa and Creed A Really great hero type character. In every story he faces an obstacle where he gets knocked down and has to get back up to defeat it in the final few minutes like any hero under dog story
  18. 17 Rooster J Cogburn-----True Grit and Rooster Cogburn and The Lady I know there was a remake with the dude and while it was ok attempt. Mostly cause the girl was really good in the remake. But The original Cogburn was John Wayne and really that character is not the one to try a john wayne remake on. Rio Bravo is possible or The Cowboys or She Wore A Yellow Ribbon. But You just dont try the remake of JohN Waynes character he won an oscar for. Although John Wayne should have gotten it earlier for Ethan Edwards The Searchers
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