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  1. 18 Paul Crewe-----The Longest Yard I'll not address the adam sandler botchery of the classic film. But I like how a dirty player in life becomes a better human being as a inmate in coming back to never throwing a game again.
  2. 19 Brady Hawkes ------The Gambler and Mini Series Movies.
  3. I think the Movie with Bill Murray is really live action even though all CGI. The sequel is what I wonder they will do with that.
  4. 20 Captain Woodrow Call----Lonesome Dove Played by the great Tommy Lee Jones. I know its called a min series but more people need to add this to any westerns list.
  5. 21 Baloo The Bear----The Animated Classic The Jungle Book Baloo is every little buddies big brother and In Baloos case is brave enough to try and protect Mowgli from Shear Khan. Even though Baloo clearly is no match for Khan and takes a beating.
  6. 22 The Bandit----Smokey and The Bandit Really was a good year for movies cause Smokey and The Bandit and Star Wars came out that year. Smokey and The Bandit had 4 really good characters that just live on and really a film that just could never be remade and be as good.
  7. 23 Superman-----Superman and Superman 2 I know there a little dated in effects but there something special about Donners Supermans 1 and 2. Reeve made a great noble hero type for Superman. That no one really has duplicated for me.
  8. 24 Mathew Quigly------Quigly Down Under I really loved this movie and again a villain played by Alan Rickman was what I remember. I know this is a classics forum but The News Series The Mandalorian is clearly a taken concept of a western type character that Tom Selleck played known as Quigly. Mando is very QUiet and so was Quigly and both carried a big powerful gun. I also just wanted to put a Tom Seleck Cowboy character in my heroes list somewhere.
  9. 25 James Bond-----Connery-----Goldfinger-----DR No-----Thunderball and so on They I Do Hope Find a New Bond Cause I dont want it to end on Craig. Not that is Bond films have not been good. I just would like to see Bond Return like Connery and Brosnan had him where he had the gadgets and spy gear and it wasnt all too serious. Connery Bond was great because he was a lover but wasnt afraid to smack an evil woman agent really hard. I think Brosnan s Bond is much as a tribute to A Connery then A Moore.
  10. 26 Nathan Brittles-----She Wore A Yellow Ribbon I completely love this movie. John Wayne is not given enough credit for this character. My favorite scene is when he stops the two men fighting over Dandridge Girl after the have a funeral. Nathan Brittles also has a way to where there is a plan to save both young men. The Calvery and The Young Indian warriors.
  11. 27 Robin Hood----Disneys Animated Classic Robin Hood One of the best all time animated movies, really do love fox robin hood probably best of all movie robin hoods. The cartoon gave much more since of his good character then any live adaptation.
  12. 28 William Wallace------Braveheart I dont care what Gibsons personal shortcomings are but he is one of the best actors to play a hero role. Or strong leading man vs a good bad guy. Even in Payback he is a crook he still comes off as the good guy. really loved the whole idea of William Wallace and even though history its not right. I still find Braveheart as one of the best films ever made.
  13. 29 Sheriff J P Harrah-----El Dorado Loved this character in El Dorado. In Since its kinda the Simular character to hawks and wayne Rio Bravo film only Mitchum does allot better job acting. He is a very heroic good sheriff and its a good story to see him come back to normal thanks to Cole and Mississippi
  14. I did my Villains Character list and now its time to do the Hero or Good Leading Character List in films. For me this is allot easier list to do because really allot of good characters that were better then the Villains in the movie. Westerns have this kind of deal where see lots of henchmen over the main rich dude. Or some movies have good characters against aliens and mother nature. Will be doing a Westerns Character list but likely in the westerns forum. Again I welcome any person to post there own list or favorite hero characters Favorite Heroes and Good Guys In Film List 30 Ray,
  15. 01 Darth Vader-----Star Wars 4-6 Vader is kinda tricky Villain cause most dont do a good thing at the end of the arc. But also we are talking about a person who killed a bunch of jedi children and like to break necks of ship captains for information. Vader was for me the villain and the prequels came and then I was like why ruin the image in my head that Vader was pre vader a punk who kills children and people being shocked by another person. However Vader still is the most cool looking villain and its better for me if I just dont watch the prequels and remember pre new hope Anakin
  16. Tomarrow after I Post My Number 1 Villain I will Start On My 30 Favorite All Time Good Guys Or Hero Characters In Films.
  17. 02 Jaws Shark ----Jaws No movies scared people about being in water then Jaws. Jaws was in my mind the scarist film to watch cause if were in an open water even in a lake. Would something pull you under to the depths.
  18. 03 Predator Alien-----Predator 1987 Im quite sorry if my knowledge in film isnt quite up to date to the 1940s films. My knowledge is westerns from 1950 some sword and sandle epics. Godzilla and Sinbad. 70s 80s and 90s is my best area but like allot other films. predator is my favorite true villain alien. I hated the Alien VS Predator movies used to make the Predator weak.
  19. There isnt any other movie message boards to go to anymore and not every person has seen every single film some people have. And some people like certain films then others. Its pretty big chunk to know when the word is classic films
  20. 04 Hannable Lector----Silence Of The Lambs Talk about a movie i could never watch alone or in the dark. Its not a horror boo its scary film but Hannible was just scary in the whole idea but real evil people scare you like Manson or Bundy. The idea a man eater as smart as lector is scary.
  21. 05 The Emperor---Return of The Jedi and Revenge Of The Sith The Emperor probably best villain who clearly enjoys all he has done to get to be thus. Laughs all his way to the end even when shocking luke. In my mind in Rise Of Skywalker that Palpatine is a bad clone because it wasnt the real Lucas Emperor
  22. Sorry 1948 is a bit before my time unless talking westerns and disney films
  23. 06 The Joker----The Dark Knight Kinda hard to place Ledgers Joker as better then Jacks but Its a final film performance really and he didnt copy but made it his own. Phoenix take In The Joker clearly to me was a mix of Jack and Heaths work. It was much harder for Heath then Phoenix because Heath gives actors the blue print on how to do the joker and not be Jack.
  24. 07 The Wicked Witch----The Wizard Of Oz Best probably villain ever done in fantasy. She just wants these shoes from this teen brat. Water being her doom seems a bad plan for her to let buckets of water around and she had to stink if could not bare water. Turning green is bad hygiene most likely.
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