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  1. 08 Hector Barbossa----POTC Curse Of The Black Pearl One of my very fav characters ever in a movie who really got the pirate talk down right. The Treasure Island Disney Silver accent. Barbossa just wanted to be alive again and have an apple. he just did terrible things before hand and during. Loved his pirate code words twists with Elizabeth Swann.
  2. 09 T-1000----Terminator Judgement Day Played by Robert Patrick and the thing that gave me the most nightmares as a child born in the 80s other then the Willow Hound dogs that killed the nanny. the idea a villain could morph into any person and could not be killed because was this liquid metal.
  3. 10 Saruman The White ------Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Played wonderfully by Christopher Lee . The biggest Tolkien book fan of the whole cast. I will admit while I love the films. I myself am not best on the books expert. I just think the 2 wizards were cast perfectly and cannot imagine any others for those roles. The Voice of Sam Huston though does give me a tear to the eye because loved the Rankin and Bass Hobbit but thats a totally different issue.
  4. 11 Scar-----The Lion King best animation villain all time in my opinion. Kinda odd having 2 villains with the name scar but really very different characters. I really didnt like the live action remake and you can get Jones but not Irons. Its a fail for me that alone.
  5. 12 Khan-------Star Trek 2 The Wrath Of Khan Really did love Star Trek 2 and hated the remake with Into Darkness. Ricardo just was a great villain and Shatner really was good in this movie. The Khan!!!! yell is one of the greatest moments in sci fi films
  6. 13 The Joker---- Batman 1989 Some people said this Joker is just Jack Nickolson and that may be but Jack is little bit mad. So really his Joker works out great for me really. Jack just makes the character a whole lot of fun to watch.
  7. 14 Wicked Evil Stepmother-----Cinderella Not sure what Cinderellas dad seen in his second wife with her 2 little ugly dog nosed daughters. But Cinderella was cursed with a whole alot of ugly but yet somehow kept singing to mice as she did laundry and scrubbed the floors. But it seems be a Disney thing that the good dad are desperately lonely before there tragic deaths. I know its not nice to say looks are everything cause are good homely people like myself. But mean ugly is the worst.
  8. 15 Pharoah----The 10 Commandments Probably first Villain I ever saw in a movie that wasnt a disney film or The Wicked Witch. Something evil about Yule Brenner . Just look like some evil alien being. No one could avoid not seeing the 10 commandments because other then the Wizard Of Oz and Smokey and The Bandit. No other movie has been on TV as much in syndacation
  9. 16 Thanos------Avengers Infinity War and Endgame Thanos probably best comic book villain in the modern era of comic book films. The Perfect blend of acting and effects. Who Knew the Eldest kid in Goonies would be the Mad Titan. Just goes to show anything can happen in an Actors career.
  10. 17 The Wicked Queen----Snow White Simply love a good Disney villain and they get no better then the Disney villain that started it all in The Wicked Queen which was the Queen and Later the Hag.
  11. Ben Johnson had great roles in Wayne Films and he was in other films. My Favorite Wayne Character ever done was his role as the Guy he was playing in the movie The Cowboys
  12. 18 Magneto----X-MEN and X-Men 2----Ian McKellan Really loved Ian as Magneto . While the younger version tried his best. Ian just was able to make you feel the whole I was A HOLOCOST and mutant being tired of human persecution. Ian McKellan should have gotten allot more work over the years as a villain in many different films. Just loved the whole magneto prison escape in X-Men 2.
  13. Well Duke Had Nathan Brittles, George Washington McClintock, John T Chance and Ethan Edwards. Eastwood Mostly was the same character.
  14. 19 Goldfinger----007 Goldfinger NO Mr Bond I Expect You To Die is my favorite classic line in a bond film. Goldfinger for me was the Bond Villain I liked best of all the films. Im only an expert in Bond for the Connery and Brosnan Bonds. Craig and Moore well i fall asleep watching them.
  15. Im Thinking Of Doing An Overall Western Characters List. Not really labled hero or villains but just characters overall.
  16. In my humble opinion Jack Nickolson and Ledger Have Slots in my idea of thinking of the character. I just was not that impressed with Leto or Phoenix turn as the Clown Prince of Crime. Also there is mark hamill joker from animated movie Killing Joke as well. Lost of jokers but for me only 2 are worthy of seperate spots
  17. 20 Dr Evelyn Schneider-----Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade I know the guy who played General Veers was the main villain but for me really the villain I most wanted to see get it bad in the end had to be the Blonde evil scientist that Indy just kept forgiving. Maybe he just didnt get a good enough slap in the movie. Then again Karen Allen his main love wasnt in the movie.
  18. 21 The Sheriff Of Nottingham-----Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves One of the best cases where the villain and Morgan Freeman make them more memorable then the lead actor playing the lead hero. When everything is settled in film history more is remembered that Alan Rickman again made villain gold on screen . But who would have guessed his whole career Rickman would be creating his best most known character in a little kids book movie adaptation of Harry Potter. Rickman just makes character gold.
  19. 22 Scar----The Searchers Scar to me was a scary villain because just the reactions by John Wayne from the burning home stead to him not wanting to let Martin see what was done to the aunt and uncle. Scar is a villain who thinks he is the hero and Ethan is the villain and in ways Ethan is villain like. But you wonder what the Civil War and Indian Country did to men in these days. You normally want to root for native americans but in The Searchers you cheer Scars end.
  20. 23 Ursula----The Little Mermaid One of the very best disney villains and The Little Mermaid returned Disney animation back to where it use to be with older classic days because the animated films of the 80s were not as great. Ursula was fist major female villain I could remember seeing during that time. Other then Wicked Witch or Bavmorda in Willow. The Villain witch had returned and she could sing.
  21. 24 Davy Jones----Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 and 3 Played By Bill Nighy A really great character done by CGI and actors talents. Jones is the cursed Villain of the original 2 sequel films. Jack Sparrows deal time is up and Jones wants sparrow. In the 3rd movie you are to feel more sorry for the fact Jones was created by his love for a petty cruel Goddess who broke her deal first with Jones. Davy Jones is not the best POTC villain but sure was allot of fun for me.
  22. Sorry if I get my spelling wrong sometimes with the names.
  23. The only difference between this list and the westerns list is I will do my list per post not all at once cause I want to post a picture with each villain. I have My 15 selection ready. Just gotta decided my last 10. You are welcome to post any of your lists of villains be they top 10 or 25 like me all at once. I also welcome any comments or imput. I will do small bios with each character chosen. Will be posting 2 choices per day from my list till finished My Top 25 Favorite Film Villains 25 Hedley Lamarr-----Blazing Saddles Played by the late great Harvey Korman. Lemarr wants
  24. I realized I forgot Unforgiven long after i made the thread and the post. I also loved a mini series Lonesome Dove and Lonesome Dove 2 and Dead Mans Walk. But they are considered mini series and not movies.
  25. Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart come to my mind currently and if want female person to get it how about Nicole Kidman or Cate Blanchett. Andrews is a fine addition Im quite sure but seems like she should have gotten it by now.
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