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  1. Even if the legal troubles surrounding Ten North Frederick with Fox are resolved, it might be that this film never sees the light of day on DVD as Fox have severely cut back on releasing their catalog titles on DVD due to poor sales. I did read somewhere (but can't remember where) that this studio may only release one classic film a year on DVD and it's quite possible that there are several more well known films with a priority release before "Frederick".
  2. Okay, thanks for the confirmation.
  3. Can anyone tell me if the DVD of How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying (1967) is in Anamorphic widescreen?
  4. I had crossed my fingers it would have been included in the forthcoming (Jan. 2009) 'Romantic Classics' DVD set, when I saw the announcement of that release. Sadly, not to be. Hope we don't have to wait until a 2010 'Romantic Classics' DVD collection (as these sets only seem to be released every year for Valentine's Day) for it's release. An underated film, with great locations (Florence) captured in CinemaScope, and the eye candy that was a young Yvette Mimieux.
  5. This is sad news, but thanks for researching into what became of her and letting us know. Only just recently I learned that another former child star of the 40s, Jackie "Butch" Jenkins, also passed away in 2001, and his death also seems to have gone unreported to the media.
  6. Both are good, but I love films made in widescreen (CinemaScope, Panavision, etc.), so it's the '62 version for me.
  7. Good to see this superb, but harrowing, mini-series getting the DVD treatment. I believe Paramount also own the DVD distribution rights to the 1980 mini- series East of Eden....wish they would release it onto DVD, too.
  8. Sorry for the duplicate post.
  9. Nice to see that poster for Ten North Frederick. If this film ever sees the light of day on DVD, then that's the art work I'd like to see on the front cover.
  10. Nice to see that poster for Ten North Frederick. If this film ever sees the light of day on DVD, then that's the art work I'd like to see on the front cover.
  11. Instead of Portrait in Black being released as a double feature, with the 1966 version of Madame X, I would have preferred it if they had the 1937 version of Madame X to accompany the remake .. Just like Universal are doing with their double bill of the Imitation of Life DVD.
  12. Re: The rule of thumb is that pratically everything made in 1954 and later is some form of widescreen. So does this this mean that the current DVDs (which were released in full screen) of mid 50's films, such as "Marty", "The Night of the Hunter", "Summertime" and "The Killing", should really be in widescreen?
  13. Just when I thought Warner's were getting their act back together again, by releasing DVDs individually, as well as in a box set...they have to spoil things, and go back to box set releases only. There are only two films in this Esther Williams set that I want, so it looks like it will be a none purchase for me. Message was edited by: GOS
  14. > Perhaps one day they'll rescue "Algiers". ...and: Beat the Devil, The Southerner, The 1937 A Star is Born, Three Came Home, New Faces, Guest in the House, Two Women...amongst many others.
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