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  1. It wouldn't have been good in color. The shadows they have through the film give it the feeling you get from the old movies of Frankenstein and Dracula. Gene is great as he kicks the older man and then sticks the scalpel in his leg and also yells about his grandfather's work.
  2. All of the colors and music gives the cartoon feel. With the "good guys" "bad guys" we see the whole Dudley Doo-Right show. With the good guy wearing the white suit and the bad guy in black is how the cartoons were too so you knew who to root for. The scene made you feel like you were in the past with the costumes. The rocket and balloon are homages to the old slapstick and some of the over exaggeration.
  3. The rack is my favorite. He tries to put it away and it all goes astray. With him trying to fix it, it becomes worse and it gets crazier when the butler gets in on it. He is funny at blaming everyone else for his bumbling like the stand and getting out of the door. He's a klutz with everything around him and yet manages to appear like he knows what he's doing. This is one of my favorite Pink Panther movies.
  4. With color it was fun to see the color of her hair and also the color around them. With the angle of the trailer was interesting because you saw mo re of their comedic acts. Especially Lucy. You see how they had to tape down the wine glasses and use straws, how she was trying to get into bed and then falls out of the trailer into the mud. Her facial expressions and how calm she seemed when she couldn't stay in bed was good. Lucy brought a lot with all of the things she did was either how she moved or how she reacted to what was going on.
  5. He is used to his routine of going to his apartment and going up and down the stairs. The part with the dog growling at the fish was funny. The little girl was a sneak for dropping the tomatoes and then letting Mr. Hulot take the blame. He does get after her but then gives her apples which is taken away. The building is quite interesting to see how he goes up them especially in the top right where he does a quick turn. Making the bird sing by the glare of the window was great to see. He looks happy to hear the bird sing. He is content with all that is around him.
  6. Sports in movies can be funny. I enjoy sports and seeing Babe in Speedy was funny. That was the first time I'd seen that clip. The Marx Brothers made it funny with football and trying to get the best football players for their team. Leslie Nielson's clip was hilarious. I haven't seen that one either. Joe E. Brown was good too. A&C's "Who's on First?" has always been my favorite. I still get a kick out of it.
  7. Abbott and Costello and the Marx Brothers are similar with their verbal slapstick. They play off each other. A&C is a little slower especially with Costello's slowly realization on situations. Today's comedy are not that funny. They are so full of potty humor. I've never found it funny. I always turn to the old comedy movies just to get a laugh. I think there is actually one show I do watch that is contemporary and isn't dirty in any way and really funny. I don't know why writers resort to filth and think it's funny. A&C work great together. I watch both and even to see Abbott's faci
  8. It seems like WC Fields was more slower and sometimes easier to catch his slapstick if you listen hard enough because of his mumbling. The Marx Brothers were quick and you'd really have to pay attention. It was the first time I'd seen Charley Chase. So I guess I can't really say too much right now on the differing. How he made fun of the name of his daughters boyfriend and the word boondoggling was funny. When he tried to help the chauffeur with the engine was predictable but funny. With the throwing of different objects up to the flower pot was good. I wasn't expecting that. The bar scene
  9. I have to agree with everyone on what they said. Maybe I should leave it at that. I won't. With the slapstick there's the routine and exaggerated with Groucho and Chico back and forth with the contract and tearing it. Their one liners are fast and you have to listen to catch what they're saying.
  10. This is my first time seeing a Charley Chase clip. The slapstick was subtle because there was no violence. The part with the perfume and getting it just right was a ritual because he'd keep sticking in money and would miss his mouth. The background music was a Hal Roach thing like he uses in Laurel and Hardy and the Little Rascals. There wasn't much talking when he would shave but that was pretty good. He was brave to do that in public. His face was fun to watch with seeing Thelma Todd and then the other woman.
  11. I grew up watching Keaton. He was my first silent film actor I saw and just loved watching his work. Nobody can do his stunts today. it's amazing how many bones he broke and yet still kept going with his films. I guess learning stunts as a child on Vaudeville helped with the stunts he did in his movies. Steamboat Bill, Jr. has to be one of my favorite movies because of his stunts. Especially with the falling house. Watching the set up and also his reaction to what happened is great and all straight faced. It is fun seeing him smile and laugh.
  12. Keaton was more physical than Chaplin. He used all he had around him. I'm sure he took what he learned from Vaudeville to the screen. He did more pratfalls and stunts in his movies. He went more above and beyond the gags in the movies. In his work he keeps his stone face but you can still see some surprise in his eyes. Chaplin does show more emotion in his movies. With Keaton's antics his was more than what others would do. I have watched him many times and I still laugh at what he came up with. There's really no one like Keaton just as there's no one like Chaplin. They are great in their
  13. As many have said with the comedy today, they really aren't that funny because they do border on bathroom humor. I have never found that funny. Just the quick movements with Charlie stealing the food and the man looking and no cutting away was a funny gag. The sets with it being a middle shot were so you could see both men and their reactions when Charlie would take the food and the man would try and catch him. We see gags so many times because it's been repeated yet we still ind some of them funny. Especially Chaplin when you see him straight faced as the gag is set up and delivered.
  14. One of the bios I read said on how he got his name was from Harry Houdini but it was when Buster took a spill down the stairs. Either way the story does match up of Harry Houdini. Buster was the first silent comedian I watched when I was younger. Chaplin and Lloyd were some time after. Steamboat Bill, Jr was the first movie of Buster's I saw and was in awe of the house falling around him. I always loved Buster's comedic timing. I did gasp many, many times. I read he pretty much broke every bone in his body doing his stunts. It's amazing what he did and wasn't killed with some of them.
  15. I grew up watching slapstick and no matter how many times I see it and know what's going on, I still bust up. Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd, etc were great at slapstick and the timing. They were all great in their own ways. I like the video and getting breakdowns of the movie and the meaning of slapstick and gag. I'm learning more than I ever dreamed and it makes me excited when I watch these movies again.
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