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  1. Hello - this sounds like a carrier problem, either on the cable operator or satellite provider side. FYI - TCM transmits its signal to cable and satellite operators who then send the signal to your receiver or TV set - we verify our signal regularly and it very rarely has any transmission errors. In almost all cases, if you see a bad picture, it is with your cable or satellite provider's transmission to your receiver. We recommend contacting them for these problems. But we will also try to help you. Please read the 'audio or synch problems' announcement in this forum for instructions
  2. Nav1 - we have un-registered you and your email - so please simply re-register with your old email address and whatever display you wish. Just a warning - with a new display name, you will not be able to see in your profile the previous posts you have made (but you can always search for them under your old Nav1 name). Let us know if this works. Thanks. tcmweb
  3. Sorry - we just unregistered you and sent you the details in your private messages - you should be all set to re-register as 'udpert' with your email address. Let us know if you have problems. Thank you. tcmweb
  4. udpert1 - we can help you - please private message (or post here if you are comfortable displaying) your old email/address/display name and we will re-register you under the old sign-up. Thank you - tcmweb
  5. Hello - We're sorry for the problems - we are investigating getting the video working for Windows Media on Mac browswers. We will post here once this is fixed. Thank you for the detailed information, this is helpful. We have tested the Trivia Game on all Mac browsers and it has consistently worked for us. You may need to check your preferences and ensure JavaScript is enabled as this effects the countdown timer. Please let us know if you are still unnable to complete the Trivia Game. tcmweb
  6. Hello - we are working on releasing this shortly; we anticipate it will be up in the next few days. We are working to get the Canadian schedule released earlier, but given TCM Canada's recent launch, it has taken more time than the US schedule. Thanks. tcmweb
  7. Hello river - you are refering to the TCM Custom Scheduler - which we had to remove from recently because it was prone to errors and is in desperate need of updating (it was created in a very early version of flash). We are scheduled to bring it back in the next few months, but it will require significant amounts of re-programming. We are sorry it is not available at this time, but it will be re-introduced at a later date. Thank you! tcmweb
  8. Hello - we have verified the Feb. screensaver is working fine for us in both PC and Mac. Can you tell us what your system is like - PC or Mac, and at what stage do you get the error message. Are you able to unzip the ScreenSaver file? tcmweb
  9. Hello - we are busy working on the schedule changes; due to the many requests, we're having to redo the page to fit in all the features. This includes being able to view multiple months, view/print multiple months, adding the time zone selections, adding in themes for the evenings, and including basic info on the main page (synopsis, cast, runtime, etc.) - all requests we have received. We're about half way there - we will likely test and deploy these at the end of February. We appreciate your patience on this. Thank you. tcmweb
  10. The email reminder capability has been adjusted as of last Friday, Feb. 3rd. Moving forward after the Feb. 3rd date, any email reminders set will be sent 24 hours before an airing. tcmweb
  11. SYohe - We are working on this problem - we haven't been able to replicate here, but we are investigating this. We'll post here and update you when this is fixed. Thanks for the notice. tcmweb
  12. For those of you who have experienced login problems to the Message Boards, our IT dept. was able to locate the problem and fix this recently. This is something they failed to catch on a change to other Turner message boards that caused rollover issues for TCM. We are sincerely sorry for any problems this may have caused - thanks for your patience on this. If you continue to experience any problems with logins to the boards, please be sure to visit the Technical Issues section and post a note there and we will be sure to address it. Thanks again. tcmweb
  13. Hello - we also wanted to clarify the use of Windows Media Player files on TCM's web site. We have begun to switch our video offerings, over time, only to Windows Media Player versions. Moving forward, we will discontinue the supply of Real Player versions of new video added to TCM's web site. The reason for this was both security and support from Real Networks. The adoption rate of WMP is extremely high for both PC and Mac. We will continue to offer the thousands of previously encoded Real Player encodes on our site, but to view new video (which will be a majority of the video that is off
  14. Nav1 - If you are not seeing buttons up at the top of the page, we believe this may be due to the fact you haven't updated your Flash player. Older versions of Flash on Macs have been known to cause this problem. We recommend you upgrade as the newer player will actually make your pages run smoother in Netscape. Here is a link to the latest Flash download page: http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash We hope that helps - let us know. tcmweb
  15. Hello - we are working on the email reminder issue and should have this adjusted in the next few days where all reminders will email out a full 24 hours before a title airs. Appreciate your further patience. Thank you. tcmweb
  16. Hello - we are working on the login problems for the boards. We've identified the issue that is causing problems for some, and should have this fixed very soon. Thank you for your patience - tcmweb
  17. Hello - Sorry, this was a temporary glitch from our schedule database. There are no security issues and your emails were not compromised. We purge emails after a reminder is sent; this is personal information we do not retain. The issue has been tested and fixed. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work through a few post-launch issues. Thank you. tcmweb
  18. Hello - We are not abandoning WebTV users (even though it is a very small group). We have someone looking into the WebTV issue. If you would please go to our contact us page: http://www.turnerclassicmovies.com/TCMCFA/feedback.jsp and send us an email with your specific problems, we will forward this to the person who is investigating the WebTV issues. Thank you. tcmweb
  19. Nav1 - We still offer a portion of our Now Playing Guide free every month. It's a 2 page pdf document located directly under our schedule on TCM's home page, entitled "Monthly Primetime Grid." In case you cannot access it or see it, here is a link to it: http://i.cnn.net/v5cache/TCM/Files/Static/January2006_schedule.pdf It is updated at the beginning of every month. tcmweb
  20. Sorry - we had a brief problem with our home video display, and had to temporarily remove the vote capability. This was fixed within a few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience - we've taken steps so that this sort of removal will not be necessary going forward. Thank you. tcmweb
  21. Hello Nav1 - You should only be seeing issues viewing our site with your Macintosh if you are running Internet Explorer. Microsoft has announed they no longer support IE for Macintosh, and as a result, Internet Explorer for Mac has not been updated in over a year. Most sites are recommending a move to a more secure and updated web browser if you are on a Mac. We recommend you use either Macintosh's Safari 1.2 or later, or later versions of Netscape. Our highest recommedation goes to Mozilla's Firefox - a very good, user freindly, secure browser for Mac, but you would need to upgrade to OS
  22. Hello - You can set a reminder for a title playing months in advance by first looking at our monthly schedules - the links that say "this month" - "next month" - "the month after" in our Schedule section. Then, search on a title you want to be reminded of via our our site search. Do this by selecting "site" at the top of the home page in the Search Bar, entering your title, and then selecting "go." You should find the title under a header called "schedule results", and you can set a reminder then. We are working on adding viewable upcoming months (where you can set a reminder by
  23. Thanks for the suggestion - it's a good one and we'll attempt to add this in the near future (once we get a few other bugs worked out on our database). Thank you again. tcmweb
  24. Hello - yes, the ability to see multiple themes was removed with the new schedule. We're looking to add this back into the main schedule view (where you can select any day of the month, or week views). but the ability to see themes multiple months ahead will not be available. This will get added with some additional changes to the schedule - such as the time zone capability, which we're working on. tcmweb
  25. Hello - we are working on the time zone functionality and it will be added to the schedule at a later date. We will post here a timeframe when it will be deployed. We appreciate your patience. Thank you. tcmweb
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